Weakly Wardrobe 9.6.16

Welcome, to the Weakly Wardrobe  Do you find yourself inspecting people for xmog ideas more than gearscores? Then this is the post for you! As I travel across Azeroth inspecting people I’d like to share some of the outfits I’ve seen and really enjoy.

Arkah from Moon Guard

Weakly Wardrobe Score:  star star star star star star star emptystar emptystar emptystar


At first I didn’t even realize she was a warlock! How dastardly. She shows up on your doorstep looking all priestly just before she puts your soul in some random stone!

Arkah’s done a great job putting this ensemble together and I gave her 7 out of 10 stars. I love the golds and whites… (uhoh I’m starting to see a trend. I promise next week won’t be gold and white!) The difficulty of this outfit is also quite high for any nonpriest as the helm is from a tier set (13) and the shoes come from a Warlords of Draenor raid so you can’t just run in and solo the boss.

She’s done a fine job pairing several different expansions together into one cohesive look. It has just enough glow effects as well with the helm having a nice golden plume and the shoulders emit a blue hue better seen ingame that helps to tie the robe into the whole outfit better.

I did have to knock Arkah’s score down a bit because the golds in the robe are slightly off from the helm. You also have the obvious which is the blue-grey in the robe is not even close to matching the helm. The robe is a vanilla WoW texture so in some of the pictures you’ll notice the differences in the higher res textures.

Beyond the nit picking though I’m really happy with the look of the outfit.

There’s also a cloak that goes with the outfit that I couldn’t get to display in WoW Model Viewer but it shows up on the link below for the WoWHead dressing room.

arkah-hoverWoWHead Dressing Room

The goodies list….

Soulgaze Cowl – tier 13 priest (normal mode, Warmaster Blackhorn)

Amice of Brilliant LightShade of Akama, Black Temple

Cloak of Arcane Mysteries – Drop, several bosses

Gossamer Robe – World Drop, 49-50 elites… try Black Rock Depths

Soulcloth Gloves – Tailoring

Warmongering Gladiator’s Cord of Prowess – PvP

Inferno Breath SandalsBeastlord Darmac, Blackrock Foundry

Staff of Immaculate RecoveryGurtogg Bloodboil, Black Temple

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Arkah and her outfit. Make sure to comment if you decide to wear or modify this. Would love to see what you’ve come up with!