They’re back… but with less vengeance.


Yep, they’re back, the Deconstructor’s trash packs.  They aren’t as fierce as they were but still pretty rough if you aren’t prepared.  There are two packs when you enter the Deconstructor’s room.  One to the left and one to the right (according to the Minimap the SW and SE corners of his room).  Each pack has 4 types of mobs and 8 total mobs.  I’ll have to recheck on the melee damage of the mobs but I don’t honestly remember it being that significant.  The main issues were the combination of abilities the mobs used to tear you apart.  A few of the abilities are AE intensive so its important to spread out (especially healers).


XR - 949 Salvagebot

XR - 949 Salvagebot

XR – 949 Salvagebotx2 / pack

  • Deploy Salvage Saws – Summons a Saw Blade that seems to randomly choose a target.  They are targetable and need to be killed quickly although if you are AEing they tend to die quickly.  The blade will stay on its random target until that person is dead then move to another.  I’m not 100% sure of this but I believe it was hitting those around its target as well because the melee were all getting stacks of the bleed in a pretty horrendous kind of way.  The most stacks I saw were 22 (which requires a bit of spammage).


XD – 175 Compactobotx2 / pack

XD - 175 Compactobot

XD - 175 Compactobot

  • Trash Compactor – A wonderful pounce-like ability that was highly unexpected.  The Compactobot pounces on someone and when he lands causes an AE stun + damage component.  They tended to do it at the same time which caused heavy damage when the ranged weren’t spread out.  The ability does have a minimum range though, much like any pounce or charge ability.  I wouldn’t suggest clumping your raid in melee though.


XB - 488 Disposalbot

XB - 488 Disposalbot

XB – 488 Disposalbotx2 / pack

  • Cut Scrap Metal – The ability states that it inflicts 4k’ish damage every second for 4 seconds and that it is channeled.  It also says the range is 40 yards.  It looks like the red cutting laser beams like the robots in Borean Tundra do.  It also seems to target randomly.
  • Self Destruct – When they get low they need to be focused as they will explode for large amounts of damage.


Parts Recovery Technicianx2* / pack

Parts Recovery Technician

Parts Recovery Technician

  • Defense Matrix – This ability is REALLY hard to miss.  It creates a large yellow bubble that decreases the damage the mobs take by 90% and heals them by 5%.  This is the reason you kill them first.  This ability will heal them as well.
  • Mechano Kick – Charge that knocks someone back and does some damage.  Didn’t seem very significant and I don’t think it locks you out of a spell school if you were casting.


Tanking: Three tanks for this is more than enough.  Two tanks need to pickup the robots and hold them while another pulls Parts Recovery Technicians out to be single burned.  It is important that the tanks pull the mobs out of any Defense Matrices that are spawned (especially the one tanking the Parts Recovery Technicians).

Healing: One healer on each tank should be enough with one backing them up in case they get stunned.  The rest should have no problem keeping the raid up.

Kill Order: Technicians, Salvagebot, Compactobot, Disposalbot. Make sure the raids spread out!

* – As of 4.25.09 there is only 2 Technicians now instead of 4 on heroic.


The Siege of Ulduar – part1

Disclaimer:  This is information on Ulduar in content patch 3.1.  Its my thoughts on encounters in the zone and contains A LOT of spoiler information.

I highly suggest skipping today’s post if you want Ulduar to be a total surprise.

I lead our 25man raids.  I love leading, probably because my way is the right way.  This is one of the first chances my raiding group has had to be on the cutting edge of content.  I don’t want to let my group down though.

I considered not reading up on Ulduar, not knowing any of the abilities and treating it like… like it is now, brand new.  I quickly shoved that idea aside to be better situated for the upcoming content.

I went to and it has each of the bosses listed and the abilities as they had on the PTR.  This means that they will most likely change some before going live, and thats okay.  I’ll still have some idea of what is going on.

Once I understand the abilities I can let my mind work a little bit and start to formulate basic strategies.  I’ll run those strategies by a few of my co-leads and then we will lookup how others did it on the PTR (probably via Youtube).  This will help to give us a basic idea of just how easy that boss is going to be.

The main point of this post though is Blizzard has already stated that Ulduar will be relatively easy and that the difficulty will come from the Hard modes.  This leads me to believe that in the first clearing of Ulduar we will be able to get some of the easier hard modes.  A similar comparison would be Sartharion +1, an extremely easy fight.

So… where to start?  MMOChampion has the new dungeon maps posted and from the looks of it, Ulduar is certainly not linear.  The first four bosses are in “The Siege of Ulduar” part of the zone.  The first boss for sure is the Flame Leviathan but the next 3 bosses (Razorscale, Ignis, XT-002 Deconstructor) can be killed in any order as far as I can tell.


Boss 1: Flame LeviathanMMOChampion /StratFU

The Fight: I’ve seen a rough map of this opening boss encounter and it is huge.  Players are in a variety of vehicles (Chopper, Demolisher, Siege Engine) and the health of the vehicles is dependent on the iLevel of the gear of the players in them.  I’m hoping this changes and is based more off of a persons stats (which would make it easier to stack the vehicles).  I’ll have to remember to make sure I’m picking up the highest iLevel gear I can find to help out with this fight.  There are 4 towers that can be destroyed prior to fighting the boss.  I’m not sure what the towers do before you destroy them, attack you I’d imagine, but destroying them give the Flame Leviathan extra abilities.

Hard Mode: Since this encounter requires people to drive vehicles and do things they wouldn’t normally do I’m against attempting the hard modes on this initially.  I’d rather push through it and get inside where I can rely on someones ability to play the class they know.

Verdict: Day 1 Hard Modes – NO

Verdict EDIT:  LOTS of shit goin’ on with this fight.  Like, LOTS… I’ll have to go more in depth on this one in the future.

Boss 2:  Ignis the Furnace MasterMMOChampion / StratFU

The Fight: I started reading his abilities and I kind of wet myself.  He seems pretty beefy.  He reminds me of Gurtogg Bloodboil from Black Temple but with adds.  Ignis does heavy fire damage to the raid via Flame Jets (deals X fire dmg, knocks everyone in the air to interrupt casting and dot’s them).  He has a single target (most likely killing the person) attack called slag Pot.  It puts a random raid member in a pot of molten hot magma (<3 Austin Powers) that does 7500 dmg a second for 10 seconds (read: 75,000 fire dmg).  If the person lives though they get 150% haste for the duration of the fight, HAWT! (haha)  He also spawns some adds (I’m not sure if its 1 or 2 or more at a time).  Each time an add spawns Ignis’ damage increases by 15% (this creates a soft enrage timer).  An ability called Scorch which seems to be a frontal cone causes a patch on the ground that ‘Heats’  (increases the adds movement & haste by 5, stacks to 20, when it hits 20 they become Molten) the Iron Constructs if they stand in it.  Molten increases their haste by 100% and they get an aura that does 7k’ish fire dmg to everyone in melee range.  You then have to drag the adds into some nearby water which makes them brittle and you deal them 5k dmg to destroy them.  Of course they explode, doing physical dmg to all those around it.  WOW!  Sounds like a lot of stuff to get ready for but I’d imagine this will become a very easy fight.  The healing will be rough and it might even be prudent to grab a few pieces of Fire Resist.

Hard Mode: I can’t find any info on a hard mode.

Verdict: I didn’t find any information on the HP of the adds so not sure if it would be prudent to have DPS split between Ignis’ and adds.

Verdict EDIT:  The abilities listed from MMO are much tougher than the ones on StratFU.  Its possible the StratFU info is an older version of the PTR.  It mentions that he was very undertuned on the PTR and that everyone who fought him annihilated  him.  I would expect him to be much tougher on live.

Boss 3:  RazorscaleMMOChampion

The Fight: This is split into two phases, he’s in the air for part of it and lands for the 2nd part.  I had to do some digging to find out more info on this fight and came across this post from WoWInsider that is REALLY helpful to what I’m doing.  The quick of it is that Razorscale flies around (may or maynot be in range to shoot him, think Al’ar maybe?).  You have some dorfs you gotta help who build harpoons to drag Razorscale to the ground.  Adds spawn that you have to kill to keep them off the friendly dorfs.  Once he’s on the ground you burn him ASAP (cuz at 35% he stays on the ground).  He also does a flame buffet which increases fire damage taken, has a nasty AOE (what boss doesn’t now adays?) and a wicked frontal fire cone (think Sartharion 2D potentially).

Hard Mode: No information on a hard mode.

Verdict: One of the achievements is to kill 50 of the bad dorfs with Razorscales Frontal cone.  Which means you might not have to actually DPS the dorfs at the beginning.  You could simply round them up via several tanks and wait for Razorscale to land and pwn them all.  This would allow ranged DPS to run around hitting Razorscale while he’s in the air.

Boss 4:  XT-002 DeconstructorMMOChampion / StratFU

The Fight: An interesting fight, reminds me of Void Reaver with adds (this seems to be a recurring theme).  He has a stomp ability similiar to Void Reavers pounding, doing 10% damage every second for 12 seconds and people become dazed by it.  He charges someone with a Light Bomb and they do AE dmg to those around them.  He also puts a Gravity Bomb debuff on a player that lasts 9 seconds.  After that time they explode, creating a gravity well that deals damage and pulls players towards it.  Void Reaver & Solarian in one fight?!  He has 25mil HP and spawns some random adds, Pummelers that are melee, Scrapbots that repair the Deconstructor and Boombots ie. bombs (they can also do dmg to NPCs).

Hard Mode: XT-002 enters a new phase every 25% and doing so allows for something on him to be clicked, exposing his heart.  Destroying his heart ‘removes his limitations’ increasing his damage by 30% and his HP by 40%.  It also gives him some additional abilities, he spawns a void zone under the Gravity Wells and when someone becomes a Light Bomb it also spawns a Life Spark that AEs the raid.

Verdict: This fight sounds like a good one to test the Hard Mode on a few times.  Damage the heart enough so that at 25% you can click him open, finish the heart and only have to deal with his heightened ability for the shortest time possible.  I’m not sure if the health increase is from his max hp (10mil) or from what it is currently (at 25% he has 6.25mil which is 2.5mil for 40%).  I’m guessing it is from max HP so this will still be a very taxing fight.  You are looking at 18.75mil HP for regular abilities and 16.25mil HP for Hard Mode.  Void Reaver’s melee damage was pretty significant but the DPS loss from having melee run out wasn’t worth it.  I’m wagering on the same with this boss.

Verdict Edit:  Checking for health stats on adds I found StratFU to have some information on the Deconstructor.  Every 25% he spawns the adds and exposes his heart.  When you kill the heart it resets his HP, he also has a 10minute enrage timer.  Killing the heart at 25% would be not so smart.  The question presented then is will adds continue to spawn if there is no heart?  We will definitely be trying this hard mode (that might not be so bad).  They also list his HP as 18mil and 22mil after the 40% increase.  That sounds much nicer than 25mil (35mil after 40%).

This quickly turned into a large wall of text.  In an effort not to spam you with to much I’m breaking this up into a series.  See you all tomorrow!