How to Choose Order Hall Followers

Have you been staring at your 8 followers and trying to figure out which ones to pick? Well… let me tell you how I did mine and hopefully it will help you out a bit.

First I started by breaking it down…
You have 8 followers and each of them has a specialization, 3 different types. This results in a 3/3/2 split (resto / balance / feral for example with my druid).

I then broke them down based on their first ability, their counter. They are named after your class abilities but are tied to keywords, hazard, spell, and minions. Again we have 8 followers so that will leave us with the same 3/3/2 split.

Then I added a column for their ‘special ability’. I believe that every order hall has the same specials as well.


The only difference I’ve found between classes is how they decided who got what. I only have 2 healers and 2 hazard counters while monks have 3 healers and 3 hazard counters but they have 2/2 in other departments. Their special abilities don’t line up exactly the same way as mine either so that’s where you’ll have to do some spreadsheeting for yourself.

Second I compiled my data…
Now I wanted to see where I stood and compiled the data into a format that would help me better understand it.


I labeled each person and figured out what I had 2 of in each category (healer and hazard). After taking a look at the special abilities I realized that I really didn’t care that much about Brightwing or Sylendra’s special abilities so I decided to pull out all the +%’s and see where it left me.

Holy cow! That left me with 5 followers and I figured this was too easy why did I make spreadsheets… until I realized it also left me without one whole spec for boss counters.

B-0 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-3 / G-2

It did help me out quite a bit though because now I knew I needed to eliminate one of my D’s and add a B. My healers were Brightwing (BF) and Sylendra (BG) and I also had 2 Fs and 2 Gs… so basically whichever one I liked more (Brightwing of course since I play him a lot in Heroes of the Storm). This mean that I would have to drop Naralex (DF).

Brightwing (BF), Zen’tabra (CG), Mylune (DE), Remulos (DG), and Hamuul (CF)
B-1 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-2 / G-2

The missions have seemed pretty split so far in terms of who I need for what and having a 6th follower would make my day but this is the setup I’ve decided on. It might change later if I find a lot of the higher missions are favored to one spec OR if I can find numbers on how the missions are split. I imagine the numbers are pretty even in the mission split so I don’t think you can go too wrong in this department.

follower-breakdown-cYou want an 3/3/2 split of spec / abilities and try to take all the +% abilities for a better chance at beating things.

Group A loses Naralex & his ability +15% vs. spells

Group B loses Remulos & +15% with greater minions