Arena Server Tourney Over

It all started with an idea.  That idea turned out to be a lot of fun….. and tears.

We were mowing threw them when we started.  We had 100 of the required 200 done within the first week.  Then Kraylessa got busy and wasn’t able to do it.  The week after that I had people in town from out of state and country so I was barely able to raid, much less PVP.  Then, this last week (which was also the last week of the tournament) Canti had to go out of town.

He left on a Sunday and was supposed to be back mid-Saturday.  His car broke down though and he was stranded with a poopy laptop and no Ventrilo.  We did about 30 matches and called it quits.  I think we lost all 30.  He left to get his car fixed and said he’d be back midday Sunday.

So… 6pm rolls around and Canti finally decides to showup.  By this time I’m panicky, thinking maybe his car exploded or was hijacked (my mind is pretty quick to imagine the worst / weirdest possible scenarios).  He logs in and says he overslept, I’m thankful he’s alive but a bit angry since I had to cancel a raid that was scheduled so we could finish.

We get started and it takes us a bit to warmup.  We are down to about 1300’s at this point and its not pretty.  We lost to a few teams that were AFK.  In retrospect thats funny shit… at the time it was /cry.  We started to get our groove on and catching up to our losses when all of a sudden (I say all of a sudden but it took a few hrs) we get an achievement!  We hit 1550 rating (around 180 games played)!  It finally feels like its really paying off.

Apparently at 1550 is where all the good teams live.  We peaked at 1560 and then teetered back and forth between 1500-1550, ending at 1521.


I don’t suggest doing 70 Arena matches in one day (if PvP isn’t something you really enjoy).  I was really hoping to end with a 50% win percentage but we fell a bit shy of it. We did have a metric fuckton of fun though.

We won’t be getting a title though.  You had to be in the top 1000 AND play 200 matches to get the title.  Which kind of sux, because if you didn’t get 200 matches played (but are in the top 1000) you have just prevented someone else from getting a title.  I’m not sure when we get our Armored Murloc, I can’t wait to see him.  We had to work our asses off to get him.  I figure he’ll come to us in 3.1!

  • Spending 10mins in an Arena while the other team kept Kraylessa MC’d (it was a highlight because it let Canti and myself take a pee break).
  • Watching Canti own a warrior and a druid after Kraylessa and I had passed on.
  • Solo’ing several healers with Mana Burn and Shadow Word: Pain.

Armored Murloc!

Monday I started compiling my post for the Sartharion 3D tanked by a Voidwalker post when the treacherous Kraylessa instant messaged me.  She was talking and I was pretending to listen as usual when I suddenly realized I had agreed to do the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament.

PvP isn’t something I really enjoy.  I did it semi-hardcore back in the day when you had to PvP for hours and days to get a new rank each week.  I have my Knight-Captain title still which is kewl but other then that I don’t really mess with it.  I tried doing Arenas back in TBC and found that I hated it.  Arenas would spin me into a new realm of pissed off.  It was especially bad before I grabbed a bunch of resilience gear and was able to live more then 3 seconds.

Armored MurlocWhen Kraylessa showed me the Armored Murloc though, I wet myself.  It looks AMAZING! She also said that it was account bound so all my toons could run around with it!  I immediately signed up for it.  We started talking about who was going to be our third and I mentioned a Rogue friend of mine, Canti.  I have his number IRL so I called him up and asked if he wanted to do it.  He was totally game for it so he got signed up as well.  I went back to IM’ing Kray and since we get premades we decided to make horde (we’re Alliance on our real servers).  I’ve always loved the way the Blood Elves looked so I made my priest a male BE.  Kray went with a female BE and Canti is a male BE (but someone had his name so he had to go with Kanti /sad panda).  Kray and I went priest of course, both discipline.

Kray found some useful macro’s for us at  She looked up the top Arena teams until she found one with a priest whose spec we could copy.  A bit of testing found that the opposing team ignores Canti, our Assassination Rogue, so he is in full dps gear.  I think he’s wearing a ring or necklace that has resilience as well as his PvP trinket but whatever.

Our tactic is simple, if there is a Warlock then Canti sticks on it regardless of what the other team has.  Kray heals Canti while I manaburn the other teams healer.  When the healer goes OOM the Warlock dies then we kill the other DPS and then the healer.  If they have no Warlock then Canti is on their healer, unless it is a druid then he gets on something else (usually a DK, cuz every team but ours has one).

You have to play 200 matches to get the Armored Murloc which is a lot, but you have 4 weeks to do it.  We went in with the desire just to get the pet and if we get the title it’s a bonus.  We’re having a TON of fun.  OH!  I forgot to mention our team name…

...Two Hotties One Naughty.

...Two Hotties One Naughty.

Wish us luck!

RIP: Rapture

When they began talking about nerf’s to mana regen I wasn’t at all feeling threatened.  Rapture gave me what I needed to stay in the game.  I chose to stack INT so I had retarded mana regen but I could have easily sacrificed that to pickup more spellpower or crit or haste or whatever I was wanting.  3.1  Patch Notes came out today and I read this…

Rapture (Tier 8 ) revamped. Now a 3 point talent. When your Power Word: Shield is completely absorbed or dispelled you are instantly energized with 1.5% of your total mana (2.5% w/3 pts), and you have a 33% chance to energize your shielded target with 2% total mana, 8 rage, 16 energy or 32 runic power. This effect cannot occur once every 12 seconds.

There is plenty of stuff I wanted to comment on about 3.1, but this seems the most significant, important part of the patch notes to me.  What does this mean for our mana regen?  Let’s see a few of the other talents that MIGHT help to mitigate this…

Improved Flash Heal, Tier 7, 3 point talent – Reduces the mana cost of your Flash Heal by 5/10/15%, and increases the critical effect chance of your Flash Heal by 4/7/10% on friendly targets at or below 50% health.

First, some math…

Priest Base Mana Pool: 3863
Flash Heal: 18% of Base Mana (696)
Flash Heal (glyph): 627
Flash Heal (imp flash): 592
Flash Heal (additive): 522
Flash Heal (multiplicitive): 533

Flash Heal is so efficient due to our current Rapture.  A recent post I did about Flash Heal gave me an average of 180 mana returned while completely unbuffed (22k mana pool), the bare minimum that I would see in return.  I have the Glyph of Flash Heal, which would put the cost of my average Flash Heal at 447 (as of 3.0).  Raid buffed I sit around 28,000 mana though which would yield an average return of 225, making Flash Heal cost 402.  I realize this is a lot of number crunching that people aren’t interested in but we are looking at a substantial nerf to our mana regen in my opinion.  The new Rapture also fails to return mana from Greater Heal, Penance, or Divine Aegis which are all spells we rely heavily on.

Soul Warding, Tier 5, 1 point talent – Reduces the cooldown of your Power Word: Shield ability by 4 sec, and reduces the mana cost of your Power Word: Shield by 30%.

More Math….  EDIT:  Rapture is 2.5% when 3 points are put into it, not 1.5%.

PWS: 23% of Base Mana (889)
PWS (mental agility): 801
PWS (soul warding): 623
PWS (mental / soul): 534
PWS (mental / soul / rapture w/28k mana): -166 (You would gain 166 mana)
PWS (mental / soul / rapture w/22k mana): -16
Every 1000 mana = 25 mana return from PWS

An interesting talent that allows us to spam PWS a bit more.  While we can’t spam it on the same person due to weakened soul we can toss it more freely around to the raid.  The change in Rapture benefits PWS significantly, as it would be possible (in theory) to gear your intellect to make PWS actually return mana (about 36,000 mana pool)As per above you would only need 22k mana to start recieving benefits from PWS. This means we can expect a nerf to Rapture in the future.  This assumes the shield is fully used and that the 12 second CD mentioned in Rapture ONLY applies to the energizing your shield target.  If  the 12 second CD for energize doesn’t apply to JUST the portion on the target then Rapture will be… useless?

There is a few more changes to the Discipline tree…

  • Penance (Tier 11) Damage increased slightly across all ranks.
  • Grace (Tier 9) now lasts 15 sec. (Previously lasted 8 sec)
  • Focused Will (Tier 7) now increases spell critical strike chance by 1/2/3% in addition to its previous effect.
  • Reflective Shield has been moved from Tier 7 to Tier 5. It is now a 2 point talent and causes 22/45% of the damage you absorb with Power Word: Shield to reflect back at the attacker.
  • Enlightenment (Tier 6) is now a 3 point talent and now increases your total Spirit by 2/4/6% and increases your spell haste by 2/4/6%. (Previously a 5 point talent)
  • Meditation (Tier 3) now increases mana regeneration by 17/33/50%. (Previously 10/20/30%)
  • Improved Power Word: Fortitude (Tier 2) now also increases your personal stamina by 2/4%.
  • Unbreakable Will (Tier 1) now reduces the duration of Stun, Fear, and Silence effects done to you by an additional 6/12/18/24/30%. (Previously 3/6/9/12/15%)

I don’t need to comment on all of these, at best I would say ‘meh’ on most of the changes.  Reflective Shield is still pretty much useless.  My BIG concern… no mention of Power Word: Barrier.

I’m waiting on my patch for the PTR to get done DL’ing and I already have my character copied over.  I’ll do an update as soon as I found out more specifics on things.  So far though I’m very saddened by the changes to Discipline.

The changes to Rapture were best expressed by one of my best healy friends…

Every decision I’ve made about my priest for the last 3 months… what spells to use, what stats to stack, what talents to take…. undone.”    -Kraylessa

EDIT (2.26.09):  World of Matticus: Thoughts on Rapture and Mana Regen – A positive outlook on the changes.

Going Deep Disc Spec

I’ve had COH for sometime now.  I was the only priest in our raid group with it so I felt like it was my job to have it (just so the melee could live).  Now the advent of the COH nerf is making me rethink my deep holy aspects (again).  A good friend of mine, Kraylessa, is a deep disc. priest and she has been pretty happy with it overall.  “You won’t be at the top of the meters…” she always tells me, but you will do decent healing, especially on the main tank.  First we look at the spec itself.


That’s the talent spec I will be testing out.  It is only slightly different from Kraylessa’s in that she puts two points into Imp. Renew rather then Healing Focus (Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting any healing spell by 70%).  Even with the changes to knockback I still feel Healing Focus is a requirement for healing.  You’ll notice I didn’t pick up Imp. Divine Spirit.  The change to buff stacking means that the bonus damage will not stack with a shaman’s flametongue totem.  It’s possible you won’t have a shaman in your 10man group but its a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  If you can’t live without it though I’d suggest trying to nix the Healing Focus x2 and put it into that.  The patch that nerfs COH also fixes an important disipline talent, Rapture (Causes you to gain up to 2.5.1% of your maximum mana each time you heal with Greater Heal, Flash Heal or Penance, or damage is absorbed by your Power Word: Shield or Divine Aegis. Increasing the amount healed or absorbed increases the mana gained.)  At the moment, on live, Rapture is bugged in that when you shield someone the mana it tries to return to you is based off the max mana of the person who has the shield.  Warriors, Druids, and Death Knights don’t exactly have a lot of that.

I’m very excited about the fixes to disc as well as the nerf to COH.  I’m going to wait for that patch to do my discpline switch and I’ll give a better update then.  Here’s lookin’ to tuesday!