How Do I Improve?

*squealing sound as I test the mic* “Hello, my name is Xeonio and I have a problem. I’m a min / maxer.”

Well… I’m not sure if it’s really a problem. It’s just how I play the game. Fun to me is winning and being the best at something. I’m very competitive. It’s that simple fact that has me pouring over logs after a raid to see where I can improve. I think it’s also one of the reasons I made a decent raid leader in the past /strut.

This past week I was having to DPS because somehow we had too many healers and I stupidly volunteered. Luckily I had already gone ahead and put 13 traits into my dps weapon…

SIDEBAR: The first 13 traits cost 6500 AP while just 13 to 14 trait will cost you 6840. If you are a healer doing some dps just for farming or world quests it’s well worth it to get those first few. I’ve been surprised at how much they really effect your overall DPS.

After the raid I scurried over to the logs cuz I wanted to know how well I actually did. I ran damage meters during the raid and I was doing decent DPS. What I didn’t know is that it was all because of my gear.

Il’gynoth for example I ended up doing 148k DPS… which let’s face it isn’t terribly good. I’d say the bare minimum you want for starting normals is 150k. I’d have asked myself not to come back the next week! Why so bad bro!?

The first thing I did was go over my rotation on I knew there were at least a few times I got astral power cap’d (think rage or energy bars hitting 100 and you doing nothin’ with it while you continue to gain more… which you can’t so it’s just wasted). Chicken form’s artifact has a damage ability that you can stack up to three charges. You should always have a charge charging. If you cap at 3 of them then it’s the same issue as cap’d astral power.

Rotation fixes are easy… it’s usually a UI issue. I had my spells at the bottom… my buffs in the upper right and my astral power was in the upper left. There was too much travel time on my eyes to keep track of all the different things so in came WeakAuras again. Rotation issue fixed… or at least better.

The next day I went with a friend of mine BACK to the Nightmare and tried my luck again wanting to see how the changes went.

Same fight… same buff… and up to 178k dps! A 30k dps improvement is nothing to sneeze at. I was pleased with the result but let’s face it, for my ilvl it was still atrocious. According to, my ilvl doing that dps on that fight ranked me above 50% of chickens. I’m NOT okay with being in that spot.

The glorious thing about Warcraft logs is ALL THE INFORMATION it gives you. It’s a bit of an overload but with some determination (and asking random peeps) you can gain some valuable information.

This is the day 2 improved log.

Tons of logs on are public and they have ranking systems and all that so you can see how good (or in my case bad) you are doing. You can look at the overall rankings so I filtered them down to damage done to boss, il’gynoth, chickenform, 850 ilvl, normal mode, and US (so I could wowarmory them). Rankings link here! Then I’ll just open the log for the first person at the top… he’s gotta be good right if he’s doing more dps than anyone else at that ilvl? I quickly choose them, go to summary and see if they have any legendary items. Legendary items can change dps and rotations significantly so I don’t want to have to compare to that.

The number 1 didn’t and his DPS on Il’gynoth was… are you sitting down? 312k.


After I woke up with a nasty bump on my noggin’ I wanted to know what he was doing. Now, I fully realize I’ll never be THAT good but I can certainly learn from them. What was I doing so wrong?

I looked at his damage done….. oh that’s interesting I thought…

Gev’s damage…
1 – 23% Sunfire
2 – 16% Lunar Strike
3- 14% Starsurge

7 – 7% Starfall

His damage…
1 – 26% Sunfire
2 – 16% Starfall
3 – 15% Moonfire
4 – 12% Starsurge
5 – 8% Lunar Strike

This isn’t all the abilities but these were the major damage dealers. You’ll notice he was using a lot of Starfall (it’s just an AE spell). It accounted for a MUCH larger chunk of damage than mine did which means he at least cast it MUCH MORE than I did. That would be a good place for me to start. Looking at his talents I noticed he also was using ones that made Starfall THAT MUCH BETTER and he was very AE oriented… which I wasn’t.

There were definitely some useful notes for me to take from the Il’gynoth fight. Il’gynoth like I said earlier though has a lot of variables. It’s not the best place to look at for single target DPS either because of movement and positioning and how your raid groups things.

The closest fight we have to the old Patchwerk currently is Ursoc so let’s take a look at that one. I didn’t have a rotation fixed log so I went back to my one from Saturday knowing that I have already improved those numbers some.

146 thousand dps!

*shakes head pitifully*

That dps number would be me in the 8th percentile for my gear level. Out of 100 rough clones of me… I beat 7 of them… aye dios mio papi.

I repeated my steps of finding a log and found Kinoble, a boomkin who did 315k dps on the fight.

Gev’s damage breakdown…
1 – 21% Starsurge
2 – 20% Lunar Strike
3 – 16% Solar Wrath
4 – 10% Full Moon
5 – 10% Moonfire
6 – 9% Sunfire

Kinoble’s damage breakdown…
1 – 23% Starsurge
2 – 16% Lunar Strike
3 – 12% Solar Wrath
4 – 11% Deadly Grace (potion proc)
5 – 9% Sunfire
6 – 8% Moonfire
7 – 7% Full Moon

Well… right away I saw a huge chunk of damage from the potion, Deadly Grace (4m of his 40m dmg). I’m too cheap to be making those so not going to have to worry about it. The one glaring issue is my Sunfire being BELOW my Moonfire damage. That should never be like that if you are keeping both dots up. This means I was letting it drop off. I need to be more on top of that.

Again, minor issues that can lead to big DPS changes. I’ll probably be DPSing again this week and I’ll update you on how the changes went!

Have you had a serious DPS issue before and worked to make it better? Please let me know in the comments!


Gear for Two Jobs

I remember being so happy when dual specilizations where announced.  I thought, now I can heal for everything and when I’m solo’ing I can switch to shadow pwn.  And that’s how it was for quite awhile.

Then the summer came along and started eating my healers.  I suddenly found myself without a variety of healers and having lots of single target disc priests…. I never thought I’d see the day when disc was so popular.  Don’t get me wrong, disc healers are okay at raid healing but they just don’t cut it if thats all you have.  A resto druid, holy priest, or a resto shaman will easily compliment a disc priest and get the job done.  But we didn’t have that.

I decided I’d drop my silly shadow spec (*cry*) and pickup holy as an off spec.  The last time I was really holy was preCOH nerf, how much could it have changed?!

A lot.

The changes to renew are pretty awesome, I found myself putting it on the same hotkey that I used for shielding as disc.  They filled about the same roll for what I needed done.  COH was bound to the penance key so I was hitting it on cooldown.

I don’t really like holy, it doesn’t feel as comfortable (or forgiving) as disc but it isn’t bad.  The problem though is that the gear is so significantly different.  I find myself going OOM far faster as holy than as disc, simply because my spirit isn’t where it should be.

I picked up the 100 spirit trinket from Ulduar 10 and it helps quite a bit (especially with the reduced mana cost).  I’m considering turning in my triumph badges for t9 and socketing it with purified dreadstones (spell power / spirit) gems.  /shrug

My disc gear would probably translate a little better as well if I switched it to spell power gems instead of my intellect heavy stuff.  I don’t really want to though.  Holy is kind of like the dark side to me, I don’t want to go to far or I might not come back!

Another weird thing I’ve noticed with holy is that the meters certainly say I’m healing for a fuckton… but I don’t feel like I am.  I think its simply because of the way COH works with its lots of healing spread out so you don’t see its effect as much.  And things like renew getting a few ticks in (my renew was ticking for like 2500 in a raid… thats insane!) which adds up quite a bit.  Peeps are living better now though, so it must be working.


Have a great Sunday everyone!