Error 132, wow-64.exe has crashed

Hi! It’s me again! If you’re like me you’re knee deep in Legion at the moment. Maybe you’ve taken some days off work and got up early to get in the grind. Maybe you’re waiting for the servers to come back up after a rolling restart… who knows?!

Maybe those servers just came back up and you clicked play and as you’re logging in WoW crashes.


The first thing you do is start googling the issue and of course there’s hundreds of posts on the forums and you’ll find Youtube videos that tell you to do all sorts of crazy things like mess with your directX or try it in compatibility mode or try turning your desktop on it’s side so it can get a nap, maybe it’s thirsty so you make your comp a cool drink (please don’t do that).

It’s all very confusing.

The one thing I’ve found though that helps me 90% of the time with most of the errors WoW has… delete some of WoW!

There’s 3 folders that carry a lot of weight within the World of Warcraft and those are found in the main WoW folder. They are cache, interface, and WTF folders. Each folder has it’s own purpose but deleting all 3 almost always gets me back up and running. Do you always have to delete all 3 though?


Start with deleting the cache folder. Restart WoW.

A cache folder stores data so that it can be retrieved quickly because it’s on your local machine at home. A change on Blizzards end can mess those up or a file corruption can lead to errors. When you log back into WoW it will take a bit longer since it’s having to download those files again but it’s a heck of a lot faster than doing a repair.

If that doesn’t fix it then we’ll RENAME the wtf folder to ‘wtf.old’ AND delete the cache folder again. Restart WoW.

Changing the name of the folder makes WoW forget that it’s there. The WTF folder saves a lot of client side variables that usually effect addons. Getting rid of the WTF and cache folders will put WoW close to a brand new state.

If that doesn’t it then we’ll RENAME the inteface folder to ‘interface.old’ AND delete the cache and newly created WTF folders. Restart WoW.

You probably already know what’s in the interface folder. It’s your addons. The reason we’re renaming this folder (as well as the WTF) is so that if these AREN’T the culprits we can simply delete the ‘.old’ in the filename as well as the new folders WoW created for them and it will restore what we’ve done.

These are easy fixes to try when you get errors that won’t let you login that are game related.

Oh… where are these files located?

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft

Most likely the above pathway is where you will find the folders. You just open Windows Explorer and copy / paste that into the navigation bar at the top. If you have extra hard drives or it’s installed somewhere deeper you may have to go searching a bit. Searching for wow-64.exe or wow.exe is usually a good way to find the folder everything is in. Once it appears in the search box you can right click on it and ‘go to file location’.

I hope that helps you out a bit!