Gev’s Raid UI

Shamelessly stolen from the internet, that’s a terrible user interface(UI) and sadly what mine ends up looking like by the time I’m all is said and done. I feel like I need this and I need that and I need this within easy click range… but the reality is I don’t.


I started looking around the internet for inspiration and trust me… there is plenty out there. I almost wish I was a DPS because you can go crazy minimalistic and see the real beauty of the game. Sadly(?) I’m a healer though and it requires me to see a bit more, like the raid frames. There’s still a way to streamline it though right?

Well, here’s what I came up with… so far


This isn’t ALL of my addons… just the ones I’m primarily using for raiding.

  1. Prat 3.0
  2. Skada
  3. Tidy Plates
  4. Grid 2
  5. Weak Auras 2
  6. Bartender 4
  7. Opie

Welp. That’s the end of the post. Take care.

Oh… did you want some info on them? erhmagerd!

1. Prat 3.0
My chat window is an addon called Prat 3.0. It’s got more features then I’ll understand but it does what I wanted which is to debulk the chat frame. Ya know, get rid of the arrows and the extra stuff and put it into the corner like the red headed step child it is. It also allows you to put that bar that pops up when you start typing on the top of it so it’s that much closer to the corner.

2. Skada
I remember using Recount ages ago and at some point Skada became better for logging (mind you this was back in Lich King I think?). I’m sure they both get the job done. Skada is just one of those I’m familiar with this one type of thing.

3. Tidy Plates
This is the addon that is most up in the air at the moment. It allows me to reskin the way those lil’ health bars appear above players / NPCs. I haven’t played with it enough to get it exactly where I want it… because these bars honestly are mostly useless to me I feel anyway. /shrug

4. Grid 2

Now this is where the nitty gritty comes in. I like to keep my player frames super close to my char and I want the travel time (the amount of space my mouse has to move) minimized as much as possible. That’s why you’ll notice my boxes are relatively small. They also have to give a lot of information about each raid member.

It shows the first 3 letters of every players name. When a player is at full health it looks just like that. As they lose health the box starts to empty from the top down so when I heal them it fills back up.

gev-ui-gridEach box has corresponding markers as well.

  1. Lifebloom timer
  2. Germination timer
  3. Rejuvenation timer
  4. Regrowth (green box yes, nothing no)
  5. Wild Groth (green box yes, nothing no)

5. Weak Auras
This is a minigame disguised as an addon. It’s super powerful… and super difficult to use. You can google the shit out of Weak Auras though and find all sorts of them that others have shared. This person has some awesome auras and links to use them if you want ’em. I thought they were awesome… but not exactly my cup of tea.

All of my weak auras in two pictures.

On the left you’ll see two LARGE icons at the top. They are Power of the Archdruid on the left (resto druid staff trait) and Clearcasting on the right (the proc from Lifebloom for a free Regrowth). They pulsate and flash red so I can’t miss them.

You will see a blue bar with a countdown on it that I made for one of my trinkets, Bottled Hurricane. It’s set to show the number of stacks it has, how long until they all go away and the bar will only appear if the trinket is off of cooldown (because I’ve used it already).

Then you get into my bar of cooldowns. Starting at the top is Ironbark, Essence of G’Hanir, Wild Growth, Flourish, Swiftmend, and Efflorescence. The first 4 all work the same. When they are on cooldown the icon is grey’d out and has a cooldown spinner going. When it becomes available it turns the solid color again and does a little pop animation to get my attention.

Swiftmend simply has a stack count and a cooldown timer, no greying out.

Efflorescence was a bit more difficult to work with until I realized it acts like a shaman totem. When it’s active it has a timer on it showing how long is left. When it expires and I don’t have one active the icon grows and gets golden (right picture). A YOU NEED TO GET THIS ON THE GROUND type of thing.

6. Bartender 4
Bartender is an old addon that’s been around for ages. It’s a simple addon that allows you to move your bars around and what not. I use it to put my bars in new places, resize them and when I’m not hovered over them they are faded out completely. Bartender also allows you to easily remap key bindings if you need to. I’ve done that and map’d most of my abilities around my WASD keys for faster response times.

7. Opie
A VERY interesting addon. It allows you to make radial menus and then you call on them via keybindings. The radials allow me to get rid of bars that I used to have sitting on the side, like my mount or my alchemy icon. Now I press and hold a mouse button and choose what I need. The radial menu in the picture has a few mounts, my hearthstones and whistle.

I have a second one thats for shapeshifting and allows me quick access to run-fast-form.


That’s what it looks like when I’m just standing there. I still need to cleanup the minimap and probably find something for my portrait and target but I’m super happy with what I’ve gotten so far.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!


How to Choose Order Hall Followers

Have you been staring at your 8 followers and trying to figure out which ones to pick? Well… let me tell you how I did mine and hopefully it will help you out a bit.

First I started by breaking it down…
You have 8 followers and each of them has a specialization, 3 different types. This results in a 3/3/2 split (resto / balance / feral for example with my druid).

I then broke them down based on their first ability, their counter. They are named after your class abilities but are tied to keywords, hazard, spell, and minions. Again we have 8 followers so that will leave us with the same 3/3/2 split.

Then I added a column for their ‘special ability’. I believe that every order hall has the same specials as well.


The only difference I’ve found between classes is how they decided who got what. I only have 2 healers and 2 hazard counters while monks have 3 healers and 3 hazard counters but they have 2/2 in other departments. Their special abilities don’t line up exactly the same way as mine either so that’s where you’ll have to do some spreadsheeting for yourself.

Second I compiled my data…
Now I wanted to see where I stood and compiled the data into a format that would help me better understand it.


I labeled each person and figured out what I had 2 of in each category (healer and hazard). After taking a look at the special abilities I realized that I really didn’t care that much about Brightwing or Sylendra’s special abilities so I decided to pull out all the +%’s and see where it left me.

Holy cow! That left me with 5 followers and I figured this was too easy why did I make spreadsheets… until I realized it also left me without one whole spec for boss counters.

B-0 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-3 / G-2

It did help me out quite a bit though because now I knew I needed to eliminate one of my D’s and add a B. My healers were Brightwing (BF) and Sylendra (BG) and I also had 2 Fs and 2 Gs… so basically whichever one I liked more (Brightwing of course since I play him a lot in Heroes of the Storm). This mean that I would have to drop Naralex (DF).

Brightwing (BF), Zen’tabra (CG), Mylune (DE), Remulos (DG), and Hamuul (CF)
B-1 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-2 / G-2

The missions have seemed pretty split so far in terms of who I need for what and having a 6th follower would make my day but this is the setup I’ve decided on. It might change later if I find a lot of the higher missions are favored to one spec OR if I can find numbers on how the missions are split. I imagine the numbers are pretty even in the mission split so I don’t think you can go too wrong in this department.

follower-breakdown-cYou want an 3/3/2 split of spec / abilities and try to take all the +% abilities for a better chance at beating things.

Group A loses Naralex & his ability +15% vs. spells

Group B loses Remulos & +15% with greater minions