Thur-Sun Recap

Wow, this week has been intense for me.  I go to work during the day and rush home to login for some Ulduar raid.  I have a bit of time before clearing Tier 7 content this morning (ugh!) so gonna do a quick recap.

Thursday we ventured back into Ulduar 10 for more pwnage… I don’t remember the Molten Colossus doing an earthquake ability on Tuesday that did 5-8k dmg and stunning everyone but Thursday night they were.  The ability is line-of-sightable though so just have the tank stand at the corner with the mobs blocked from your healers.  It’s been ALONG TIME since we’ve needed corners for anything.  The fire elementals though are still proving very troublesome.  We found slowly kiting them to be slightly helpful but not significant enough.  There is a VERY fast cast time on the ability and we tried to curse of tongues & interrupt it but my interruptors failed at it so I’m not sure if it interruptable or not.  After several deaths to these guys we flipped the bird and moved on.

Once in the Antechamber you have a very easy pack to kill and then two Iron Constructs (I forget their names).  They do a frontal fire cone attack that is pretty nasty so make sure the tanks have them pointed away from the raid (and one tank on each).  They also throw a Fire Rune at someone.  They throw these Fire Runes at where a player is standing, similar to Void Reavers lightning balls.  While melee don’t really have a chance ranged can move and avoid getting the rune debuff.  If they do get the debuff they need to move OFF of the big red rune on the ground.  You will still explode and pop up but if you are on the rune you take extra damage.

After the two constructs you have another easy 3 pack and two guardians.  Everyone needs to get into melee range ASAP.  He’ll do a charge like ability to anyone far enough away and when he turns back to go to the tank he usually does his frontal Shockwave that’s pretty nasty.  He also spawns a lightning orb that does insignificant damage.  There are two of these guardians, one on the left andone on the right.

Once this bit of trash is down you can go left to the Iron Council, straight up the stairs to Kologarn, and right to the locked door.  We’ve made some attempts on Iron Council but it is a difficult fight.  Lots of little things going on.  We moved to Kologarn where the fun began!

I absolutely love this fight.  Killing parts of a boss is AWESOME!  It took a bit to nail the strategy down and we tried a few different things but settled on killing the right arm and then focusing on boss.  When he chose his eyebeam targets it seemed he always choosing someone that was ranged and then that person can run it wherever.  I wanted to test the theory, put everyone in melee but a hunter and see if he always chooses a ranged target but didn’t get the chance to.  Will try that next week.




Friday night my guild went into Ulduar 25.  We were going to attempt Flame Leviathan with 2 tower ups but we failed to realize you had to ‘activate’ those towers.  You clear everything you need to then you go back to the front and talk to the guardian guy thats standing at the base of the stairs.  Because of this we one shotted Flame Leviathan (which I’m not complaining , but everyone whose zoned in knows this guy is super easy).  I was hoping to take him with two towers for some nice bonus loot.

Razorscale was pretty easy on 10man once we got the strat down and I was hoping it wouldn’t take to long for the raid to translate that over to 25… and it didn’t.  We 3 shot’d him which I was really proud of.  I also found out that Razorscale will do the fires on whoever is closest to him.  You can put a decent HP tank in the center that just kind of runs around with a healer helping to watch him.  That tank also needs to pickup the big Vrykul guy that likes to whirlwind.  Just have your ranged focus fire to burn him down when he pops out cuz he can tear stuff up quick!




Oh Saturday, poor poor Saturday, it was tragic.  We went in with the plan of killing Deconstructor, Kologarn, and then moving deeper skipping Iron Council.  Instead we wiped on Deconstructor for 4 hrs.  Our 10man strategy did NOT translate well to 25man.  In 10man we had 2 tanks, 2 melee, 3 ranged, 3 healers.  We split a ranged on each side to watch adds and the 3rd just roamed to help out. The healers had no problem and the melee stayed on the boss.  Everything worked out GREAT.  We did this on 25man and it fell apart pretty horrendously.  The spreading out just enough to not be able to light bomb the people around you turned out to be to rough on the healing as someone would invariable be OOR to that groups heals.  A misplaced Gravity Bomb would yank a bunch of healers or random people while they were trying to heal causing a loss of people.  All in all it went horrendously.  We shook it up, tried different things for 4hrs and it was a no go.  It was a sad day of afternoon of raiding.

A short break after that raid ended and a pitcher of margarita’s found me gettin’ the group back together for Ulduar 10.  After the trouble with the Iron Council we decided to just go deeper and skip them.  A few attempts found us pwning Auriaya.  She felt more like a miniboss than anything else.  The initial pull is probably the hardest part.  Once you have that down it goes pretty easy.  Just LOS her on the pull (we used a hunter pet to aggro her so she would run around a corner) and have everyone standing on the main tank.

Then we went and 3 shot’d Thorim.  I’m sad at how easy this fight was.  We made some attempts on Freya and found her trash was as usual, a bitch to kill.  We cleared it all, engaged her and got in some good attempts before we figured out her mechanics and then trash respawned.  We moved on.  The Champions of Hodir are quiet difficult.  They randomly target someone and do a freezing breath attack that does huge amounts of damage.  Some worms and elementals also in the tunnel but not difficult at all.  Hodir is a pretty kewl fight.  He has the same you debuff as Keristraza from Heroic Nexus, where you have to keep moving.  It was 3am by this time so we called it.




As promised, my Discipline Spec.  I went back to Holy a bit before 3.1 so I could readjust to the healing style.  I found I was having to do a lot of Flashing since Renew’s were being sniped or almost useless.  Greater Heal is nice, no doubt about that, but after having Penance & Flash Heal all the time I’ve become very spoiled.  Suffice to say my playstyle has adjusted well to Discipline, and I’m not willing to go back to Holy habits.  I was reading over at Holy Dueg a very nice post about Serendipity.  Basically you are into a Discipline rotation where you are spamming Flash Heals until you build up the buff to cast hasted Greater Heals, ie. spamming Flash until Penance is off CD.  I figured if I’m going to be doing that I might as well do it more efficiently.  The loss of COH doesn’t feel that significant (although it really is amazing).  The targetable POH combined with the large amount of haste Discipline Priests (and Borrowed Time) make it pretty nice.  The Renew talents are awesome as well but as a whole Renew just feels… slow.  Damage feels like it comes out to often to allow for Renew to do its ticks to heal things.

soo… I’ve spammed y’all enough today.  I need to make sure and not lapse on updates or figure out how to paraphrase better.  I wonder how many peeps actually make it to this sentence lol!


The Siege of Ulduar – part1

Disclaimer:  This is information on Ulduar in content patch 3.1.  Its my thoughts on encounters in the zone and contains A LOT of spoiler information.

I highly suggest skipping today’s post if you want Ulduar to be a total surprise.

I lead our 25man raids.  I love leading, probably because my way is the right way.  This is one of the first chances my raiding group has had to be on the cutting edge of content.  I don’t want to let my group down though.

I considered not reading up on Ulduar, not knowing any of the abilities and treating it like… like it is now, brand new.  I quickly shoved that idea aside to be better situated for the upcoming content.

I went to and it has each of the bosses listed and the abilities as they had on the PTR.  This means that they will most likely change some before going live, and thats okay.  I’ll still have some idea of what is going on.

Once I understand the abilities I can let my mind work a little bit and start to formulate basic strategies.  I’ll run those strategies by a few of my co-leads and then we will lookup how others did it on the PTR (probably via Youtube).  This will help to give us a basic idea of just how easy that boss is going to be.

The main point of this post though is Blizzard has already stated that Ulduar will be relatively easy and that the difficulty will come from the Hard modes.  This leads me to believe that in the first clearing of Ulduar we will be able to get some of the easier hard modes.  A similar comparison would be Sartharion +1, an extremely easy fight.

So… where to start?  MMOChampion has the new dungeon maps posted and from the looks of it, Ulduar is certainly not linear.  The first four bosses are in “The Siege of Ulduar” part of the zone.  The first boss for sure is the Flame Leviathan but the next 3 bosses (Razorscale, Ignis, XT-002 Deconstructor) can be killed in any order as far as I can tell.


Boss 1: Flame LeviathanMMOChampion /StratFU

The Fight: I’ve seen a rough map of this opening boss encounter and it is huge.  Players are in a variety of vehicles (Chopper, Demolisher, Siege Engine) and the health of the vehicles is dependent on the iLevel of the gear of the players in them.  I’m hoping this changes and is based more off of a persons stats (which would make it easier to stack the vehicles).  I’ll have to remember to make sure I’m picking up the highest iLevel gear I can find to help out with this fight.  There are 4 towers that can be destroyed prior to fighting the boss.  I’m not sure what the towers do before you destroy them, attack you I’d imagine, but destroying them give the Flame Leviathan extra abilities.

Hard Mode: Since this encounter requires people to drive vehicles and do things they wouldn’t normally do I’m against attempting the hard modes on this initially.  I’d rather push through it and get inside where I can rely on someones ability to play the class they know.

Verdict: Day 1 Hard Modes – NO

Verdict EDIT:  LOTS of shit goin’ on with this fight.  Like, LOTS… I’ll have to go more in depth on this one in the future.

Boss 2:  Ignis the Furnace MasterMMOChampion / StratFU

The Fight: I started reading his abilities and I kind of wet myself.  He seems pretty beefy.  He reminds me of Gurtogg Bloodboil from Black Temple but with adds.  Ignis does heavy fire damage to the raid via Flame Jets (deals X fire dmg, knocks everyone in the air to interrupt casting and dot’s them).  He has a single target (most likely killing the person) attack called slag Pot.  It puts a random raid member in a pot of molten hot magma (<3 Austin Powers) that does 7500 dmg a second for 10 seconds (read: 75,000 fire dmg).  If the person lives though they get 150% haste for the duration of the fight, HAWT! (haha)  He also spawns some adds (I’m not sure if its 1 or 2 or more at a time).  Each time an add spawns Ignis’ damage increases by 15% (this creates a soft enrage timer).  An ability called Scorch which seems to be a frontal cone causes a patch on the ground that ‘Heats’  (increases the adds movement & haste by 5, stacks to 20, when it hits 20 they become Molten) the Iron Constructs if they stand in it.  Molten increases their haste by 100% and they get an aura that does 7k’ish fire dmg to everyone in melee range.  You then have to drag the adds into some nearby water which makes them brittle and you deal them 5k dmg to destroy them.  Of course they explode, doing physical dmg to all those around it.  WOW!  Sounds like a lot of stuff to get ready for but I’d imagine this will become a very easy fight.  The healing will be rough and it might even be prudent to grab a few pieces of Fire Resist.

Hard Mode: I can’t find any info on a hard mode.

Verdict: I didn’t find any information on the HP of the adds so not sure if it would be prudent to have DPS split between Ignis’ and adds.

Verdict EDIT:  The abilities listed from MMO are much tougher than the ones on StratFU.  Its possible the StratFU info is an older version of the PTR.  It mentions that he was very undertuned on the PTR and that everyone who fought him annihilated  him.  I would expect him to be much tougher on live.

Boss 3:  RazorscaleMMOChampion

The Fight: This is split into two phases, he’s in the air for part of it and lands for the 2nd part.  I had to do some digging to find out more info on this fight and came across this post from WoWInsider that is REALLY helpful to what I’m doing.  The quick of it is that Razorscale flies around (may or maynot be in range to shoot him, think Al’ar maybe?).  You have some dorfs you gotta help who build harpoons to drag Razorscale to the ground.  Adds spawn that you have to kill to keep them off the friendly dorfs.  Once he’s on the ground you burn him ASAP (cuz at 35% he stays on the ground).  He also does a flame buffet which increases fire damage taken, has a nasty AOE (what boss doesn’t now adays?) and a wicked frontal fire cone (think Sartharion 2D potentially).

Hard Mode: No information on a hard mode.

Verdict: One of the achievements is to kill 50 of the bad dorfs with Razorscales Frontal cone.  Which means you might not have to actually DPS the dorfs at the beginning.  You could simply round them up via several tanks and wait for Razorscale to land and pwn them all.  This would allow ranged DPS to run around hitting Razorscale while he’s in the air.

Boss 4:  XT-002 DeconstructorMMOChampion / StratFU

The Fight: An interesting fight, reminds me of Void Reaver with adds (this seems to be a recurring theme).  He has a stomp ability similiar to Void Reavers pounding, doing 10% damage every second for 12 seconds and people become dazed by it.  He charges someone with a Light Bomb and they do AE dmg to those around them.  He also puts a Gravity Bomb debuff on a player that lasts 9 seconds.  After that time they explode, creating a gravity well that deals damage and pulls players towards it.  Void Reaver & Solarian in one fight?!  He has 25mil HP and spawns some random adds, Pummelers that are melee, Scrapbots that repair the Deconstructor and Boombots ie. bombs (they can also do dmg to NPCs).

Hard Mode: XT-002 enters a new phase every 25% and doing so allows for something on him to be clicked, exposing his heart.  Destroying his heart ‘removes his limitations’ increasing his damage by 30% and his HP by 40%.  It also gives him some additional abilities, he spawns a void zone under the Gravity Wells and when someone becomes a Light Bomb it also spawns a Life Spark that AEs the raid.

Verdict: This fight sounds like a good one to test the Hard Mode on a few times.  Damage the heart enough so that at 25% you can click him open, finish the heart and only have to deal with his heightened ability for the shortest time possible.  I’m not sure if the health increase is from his max hp (10mil) or from what it is currently (at 25% he has 6.25mil which is 2.5mil for 40%).  I’m guessing it is from max HP so this will still be a very taxing fight.  You are looking at 18.75mil HP for regular abilities and 16.25mil HP for Hard Mode.  Void Reaver’s melee damage was pretty significant but the DPS loss from having melee run out wasn’t worth it.  I’m wagering on the same with this boss.

Verdict Edit:  Checking for health stats on adds I found StratFU to have some information on the Deconstructor.  Every 25% he spawns the adds and exposes his heart.  When you kill the heart it resets his HP, he also has a 10minute enrage timer.  Killing the heart at 25% would be not so smart.  The question presented then is will adds continue to spawn if there is no heart?  We will definitely be trying this hard mode (that might not be so bad).  They also list his HP as 18mil and 22mil after the 40% increase.  That sounds much nicer than 25mil (35mil after 40%).

This quickly turned into a large wall of text.  In an effort not to spam you with to much I’m breaking this up into a series.  See you all tomorrow!

3.1 – PW: Barrier’s Dead

I just found this lil’ bit of sad information.

I thought the disc priest group bubble thing got pushed back? Did I hear wrong?
No, we decided against that change completely. We were considering a “power barrier” for discipline 3.1.0, as we do think it’s a really cool idea. With that being said, it’s not something currently on our to-do list, but it’s possible we could revisit the idea somewhere down the road.

This was the one spell that was still swaying me towards Discipline.  I am really sad to see this spell take a nose dive to the bin.

In 3.1, Holy here I come!

Burnout = Change

I’ve started several drafts, some of them being the same and quickly abandoned them.  I’m fighting a major case of burnout with WoW at the moment.  My main form of entertainment, raiding, is on farm.  Our recent conquering of Sartharion +3 has left us with nothing but achievements to work on.

I hate achievements.

Luckily for me we’ve decided not to waste time trying to do them now.  No one wants to spend 4hrs in Naxx25 trying to get achievements when we could full clear it in under 3.  Sydera at World of Matticus sums it up much better in this post.

This has left me with a ‘what to do’ feeling.  I’ve scoured the sites looking at 3.1 information, mainly loot and how pretty it looks.  I’ve read up on some of the bosses trying to get a feel for them and even watched a few of the live streams, which is pretty awesome to watch.

I’ve also been heavily contemplating going back to Holy.  I enjoyed Discipline, it was fun, but I like healing the raid.  Holy does that far more efficiently than Disicipline does now and my first love, Renew, is getting an amazing talent upgrade  (Empowered Renew 3/3: Your Renew spells gain an additional 15% of your bonus healing effects, and your Renew spell will instantly heal the target for 15% of the total periodic effect).  That’s pretty sweet.

I have an older copy of my toon on the test server (he’s missing some of my most recent upgrades) and logged him in to check out the possibilities of going Holy again.  The changes in the way each spec works is a great time to rethink my priorities, which is raid healing and to focus my spec more on that. has an update to talent calculator HERE that allows you to see the changes of 3.1.  Using that talent calculator I’ve come up with this rough Holy spec.  It’s untested and will require some testing tweeks but that will happen when 3.1 rolls out.  Some of the reasons I chose certain things over others…..

Soul Warding > Guardian Spirit:  It took awhile, but I got used to using Pain Suppression on tanks as an oh shit button.  I can easily see Guardian Spirit replacing that, but I’m not tank healing anymore.  I’m raid healing.  Being able to spam PW:S, also at a 30% reduced mana cost, will be extremely helpful I think.  Much more helpful than being able to save someone roughly every 3 minutes.

Blessed Resilience(BR) 3/3 instead of Divine Providence(DP) 5/5 (4/5 atm):  Blessed Resilience used to be a PvP talent that used to reduce your ability to get crit, it now also increases your healing by 1% per point.  Divine Providence increases healing of POH, POM, COH, Binding, Holy Nova, and Divine Hymn by 2%.  Its a tough call whether to have 1% to all my spells or 2% to specific spells.  I’ll have to review my WWS post 3.1 to see if I should be switching that 1 point, but for now I think the increase to Greater Heal and Renew is worth it.

Blessed Resilience > Surge of Light(SoL)?:  I struggled with this one.  COH almost guarantees an SoL proc (or it used to, haven’t had these talents in awhile).  While I would need an addon so that I could pay attention to my SoL proc its a free instant Flash Heal that could be worth it.  I think this choice is going to effected a lot by what my main heals turn out to be.  If I endup moving 1 point out of BR then it is likely I will drop it and pickup SoL.

A big change to the Holy tree is how Holy Concentration works.  Holy Concentration now increases your mana regen from spirit by 50% for 8 seconds after critically healing with a Flash, G.Heal, Binding, or Renew.  Even with the nerfs to spirit mana regen I expect this talent to significantly outshine the mana return that Discipline is getting.

Another interesting talent is Body & Soul 2/2, when you PW:S someone their movement speed increases by 60% for 4 seconds and when you cast Abolish Disease on yourself it has a 100% chance to also cure a poison effect.  An awesome PvP talent change, just in a spot I would consider horrible.  It is deep in the Holy tree and we all know that if you are PvP’ing, you are Discipline.  Granted, I don’t PvP much but I don’t think Holy has what it takes to work in an Arena setting.

I’ve rambled enough today, again sorry for my delays in postings to those who are still sticking around to read me =)

3.1 Build: 9704 – Tier 8

The Public Test Realms(PTR) got an updated build last night.  The graphics for the tier 8 sets are set in place.  The bonuses were also released.



Tier 8 bonuses:

Priest T8 Healer 2P Bonus — Increases the critical heal chance of your Prayer of Healing by 10%.

This should be really nice for Disc. Priests.  I haven’t had a chance to do any raid testing on the PTR so I’m not sure how much POH is being used.  A 10% critical bonus is always nice though, especially combined with Divine Aegis.  Holy Priests I don’t see gaining much if anything from this bonus.  I haven’t played Holy in awhile but I don’t think Holy priests are really using it now either.

Priest T8 Healer 4P Bonus — Casting Power Word: Shield also increases spell power by 250 for 5 sec.

Set bonuses are supposed to be just that, a bonus.  Some set bonuses are good enough that after your stat weighting you will still wear it for that bonus.  I used to wear full t7, even though it wasn’t best in slot.  The set bonuses were definitely not worth what I was losing from gear on the same iLevel that was better optimized for my spec.  I’m pretty sure that the tier 8 won’t be optimal for Disc. Priests.  Which sux, cuz I love when my armor matches AND when it looks amazing like our set does.

I’ve been looking at screenshots of gear / weapons from Ulduar and every cloth piece that I’ve seen so far is a recolored tier gear.  I’m hoping they just haven’t implemented graphics for those items yet.  Talk about everyone looking the same… mages in priest tier, warlocks in mage tier (which by the way has pants instead of robes), priests in warlock tier… actually that one might not be so bad.  Warlock tier gear is HAWT!

Oh well, 3.1 is getting closer and I’m getting mored excited.  I’m so ready for new raid content its not even funny.  The variable difficulty with Ulduar should keep us busy for quite sometime (or so Blizzard hopes anyway).  I think there’s supposed to be another tier before we get Icecrown Citadel, I don’t remember.

In the meantime I’ll be getting some raiding in on alts to get them geared up.

Sarth 3D Down!


We actually killed him on Saturday I just failed to update.

It also seems that in 3.1 they aren’t removing the Hymn of Hope afterall and are reworking the almost completely useless Divine Hymn.

  • Divine Hymn redesigned: You recite a Holy hymn, summoning the power of the Divine to assist you in your time of need. Heals 3 nearby lowest-health friendly party or raid targets for 4960-5208 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, and increases healing done to them by 15% for 8 seconds. Maximum of 12 heals. The Priest must channel to maintain the spell. Cooldown increased to 6 minutes, up from 5.
  • Hymn of Hope redesigned: You recite a Holy hymn, restoring hope to those in despair. Restores 3% mana to 3 nearby low mana friendly party or raid targets every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, and temporarily increases their total maximum mana by 20% for 8 seconds. After the effect expires, the mana is lost. Maximum of 12 mana restorations. The Priest must channel to maintain the spell. Cooldown increased to 6 minutes, up from 5.

Is this a major change?  I don’t think so, but that’s because of what we are currently used to with mana regen.  We could find this to be an amazing source of burst regen.  I’m starting to look forward to the new playstyle the game is going to be bringing about.  How I used to worry about my mana pool and decide what was efficient.

I admit on our Sarth 3D I didn’t pay a lick of attention to my mana pool.  I knew I wasn’t going to go OOM, which is definitely a problem.

The background downloader has started as well.  I’m guessing its things that are certainly finalized but I don’t expect it out for 2-3 weeks.  Here’s to hoping!

Random Update #83

This update brought you by my laptop.

My desktop is currently having some issues.  My power supply was making a grinding noise, the kind I’d imagine you hear when they make ground beef /shudder.  I replaced it and thought that was solved.  I somehow managed to mess up my CPU fan though as I can’t get it to stay attached to the motherboard.  When it comes loose my CPU overheats and autoturns off to prevent it from burning itself out.  I don’t know though if thats the reason that when it does stay on that my video card stops responding (ATI said its either overheating, not enough power, bad memory, or any plethora of other things).  /shrug


I hadn’t planned on updating my mounts total for awhile but I’m up to 29/100 now.  I bought the rest of my Nether Ray’s from the Skyguard and managed to pickup a rather rare mount.

Archavon 25's Grand Black War Mammoth!

Archavon 25's Grand Black War Mammoth!

I almost poop’d myself when I saw it on the corpse.  I hadn’t spent any of my DKP for quite some time and unloaded a fuckton of it to win this.  I thought I had saved myself 20k by getting this guy but he doesn’t come w/the vendors.  He does have 2 extra seats though so I’m happy with that!  We also just finished,

Achievement:  For The Alliance!

Achievement: For The Alliance!

…the achievement is, “For The Alliance!” and requires you to kill the four horde leaders.  We did it in about an hour which was way faster then I expected at at 5pm server time.  I was hoping for a bit more of a resistance from the Horde but they put up none.




Power Word: Barrier was recently brought up, and GC made a reply to it…

We’d still like to do Barrier, but some of the revamps ended up more extensive than we planned. At this point we’d rather make what we have taste good instead of throwing new ingredients into the stew, but it’s an idea we still like.

I’ve gotten over the Rapture changes and had managed to get excited about relearning my current healing style.  This makes me sad though.  I was really looking forward to this spell and I hope they hear the outcry and try to get it to working properly.  I really loved the idea of the spell and I think it would really help discipline out a lot.




Another exciting thing to note is that we’ve made some serious progress on Sartharion +3.  We were really worried at first because we don’t have a Druid or Death Knight which is pretty much required for the fight.  We have been using the ‘frowned upon’ method of having a Demonologist Warlock’s Voidwalker tank Sartharion.  If the Warlock spec’s deep demonology and puts on heavy stamina gear then the Warlock’s Voidwalker has insane amount of HP.  Our Warlock’s Voidwalker had about 55k hp with just fort / kings on it and a Discipline Priest was able to solo heal him.

It was REALLY exciting trying it this way, because you can position Sartharion in a spot thats farther away then normal allowing for more movement room.  I’ll go into more specifics tomorrow since I’ve already rambled on enough tonight!