This blog originally started out as a place for me to air my thoughts on World of Warcraft.  As all things due I eventually moved on from the game but I really enjoyed blogging so I figured I would keep on going with my random life and the things that happen in it.  While Rez the Weak itself stems from something I would say in game I figure it’s still okay for my IRL (it has hidden meaning right?).

I’m a relatively creative person and I’d say… whimsical!  Haha, whatever.  I’m an extremely novice cook who isn’t afraid to try something new and those exploits take up a lot of blog space.

I also manage an adult toy store for a living and my intention is never to hurt anyone (so I don’t name names or anything like that).  I just like to share the crazy situations, questions, and insanity that arises in my day to day life!

Xeonio and Rez The Weak! (my mmo career)

I love healing.  I started my online gaming with Everquest, playing a dwarf cleric there.  The game was amazingly fun and I found my love in highend raiding.  My characters name, Xeonio, was a member of Wudan on the Rallos Zek server.  As trivial as it is I was the first to die to the Sleeper, Kerafyrm, when she was awakened.  I got my rez and we proceeded to kill her.  It was a world first, I’m proud to say I was there when it happened.  Shortly after that Blizzard offered the guild I was in and a few of the other guilds who participated in killing Kerafyrm beta accounts.  We got in and I’ve been playing WoW ever since.

I played a paladin in beta, wanting to have some better soloability but still be able to heal.  It was fun and pallies were so overpowered in beta that it wasn’t even funny.  When the game went live though I started out as a hunter (as did 1/2 the server I was on LOL!)  My guild was made up of mostly people from Everquest and when we started to do instances we needed a healer.  I’d like to say that was my only motivating factor to playing a healer but also the fact that there were so many shitty healers helped me get off my butt and get back to what I loved.  The guild, Spoils of War, assisted me in catching up and then we started owning from there.  We cleared Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.  We had just started Naxx and AQ40 when TBC came out.

I rerolled a shaman and leveled to 70 before most of my guildies made it from 60 to 70.  I tried healing and didn’t find spamming chain heal to be all that satisfying so I set back to the priest (you’ll notice this happens a lot in my history.)  We started raiding Karazhan and split into two guild groups, the one I led and the one our guild lead led.  Competition was a heavy motivating factor and my group (starting 2 months after the other) cleared Karazhan first.  Eventually the guild leader and myself would have a falling out and we would part ways.  Very sad day for myself as I had been in Spoils of War since the game was in beta.

With some real life friends of mine and several people who left Spoils of War with me we formed Relentless, still on the Silver Hand server, and began raiding with an organization called Leftovers.  We quickly progressed clearing all TBC content except Sunwell prior to the Lich King.

Now I find myself getting ready to raid again and coming up with useful, relevant information to post.  I don’t want to just steal information from other sites and edit it to post up here.  There are plenty of great blogs and websites that go much deeper into the math and the whose-it-whats-its.

I hope you find the things I post useful, informative, and fun to read.

Thank you,