Legion Thus Far…

I dare to say… Legion is the best xpac since Burning Crusade.

There’s so many places to start talking about how great this expansion is but I think it all circles back around to Blizzard itself. They always talk about how people move from various team to team across the company but the games they make have always felt like separate entities. Legion feels like they’ve really started to learn what is working in one game and then trying it in others. World quests stem from an idea within Diablo 3 and a lot of the new class abilities derived from abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard is really starting to blossom.

Now, I realize World Quests(WQ) are just a different way to present dailies… but they don’t feel like dailies! I don’t login, see all the quests and slump in my chair (hello pandara) thinking I’m going to spend all evening doing them. I pick and choose the ones that work for me. Usually it’s all the artifact power ones plus a few resources if I’m running low or maybe an item since the upgrade system makes a chance of me getting something better.

The husband looks at every pet battle and mining WQ with delight. He’s enjoying the withered training thing as well (which I’ll admit is a low point for a healer since we have to use a different spec ‘cuz you can’t heal the peasants). There’s bigger WQs that require you to find the help of another and with the way tagging a mob works now you can assist other players without hindering yourself.

You’ve probably heard me whine about how much I loved Everquests’ Alternate Advancement system before. If you haven’t… they are basically points you earn by continuing to earn XP after you’ve hit max level that you can spend on random stuff like +1 of a stat or minor minor things that make big impacts the longer you do it. This brings me to the Artifacts and by extension alternate advancement traits. I don’t want to say complaint BUT my biggest complaint with WoW has always been how I can’t continue to improve on my main.

I know a lot of people enjoy alts and I have numerous myself but I’ve always wanted just to work on ONE character. I like the thrill of seeing how much stronger I can get one toon to be.

Anyway! The trait system has been a HUGE BOON for me. I know I can help friends get geared in heroics and at the same time I’m getting AP items to further my character. You add in the artifact research and it helps to make those rewards worth it even in the future when I far outgear heroics.

Don’t get me started on the new ‘gotta catch ’em all’ transmog system!

This post is a bit wordy now but yea… I’m really loving Legion.


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