Invasion Power Leveling

leveling toonsThanks to the invasions is your login screen starting to look like this?

Tangent: I made a horde druid, Dimplez, because I planned on shifting sides come Legion but the hubby and rando friends (ie: Zerio) who said NOOO!!!! Now I just have a toon I can’t bring myself to delete cuz he’s 100.

Anyway are you taking FULL advantage of the invasions? You probably think you are… I certainly thought I was. After some digging though you’ll find there’s some min-maxing to this that can definitely increase the XP gain as you leveling your whole account to 100.

First thing to do is to make sure you’ve got some Elixir’s of the Rapid Mind. There are two versions of it but the one we want is from Warlords of Draenor. It goes up to level 99 while the other one, Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, only goes up to 84.

Elixir’s of Ancient Knowledge are bind on account so  you may or may not have them. If you do awesome, they stack with the Rapid Mind but it’s not a necessity just a nice bonus.

Elixir’s of the Rapid Mind come from your Garrison and they are droppable so can be bought off the Auction House (or you can go cheap like me and sell the shit out of them). They only last for a short amount of time but they can do huge things for the initial leveling so if you’ve got some cash to dump or a stockpile of them… now is the time to use them.

Next you’re going to make your toon and get to Kharanos. It’s the lil’ town in Dun Morogh that’s got an invasion going on most of the time. Once there you’ll want to grab a group as quickly as possible in stage 1. It gets you a bunch of extra XP because people are tagging things you wouldn’t be able to… a conglomeration of XP gatherers.

Once you have that pop your potion and begin tagging and killing. Try NOT to die, as you don’t gain XP while D.E.D. Keep pew pewing until you clear stage 2.

Now, this is the important step.

Log out.

Log in.

Find a group… repeat.

WUT!? I just heard you say. You are put into a new instance of the event and you get to do it all over again. This saves you a ton of travel time and really helps you to stay in the action.

Sidenote: DON’T OPEN YOUR CHESTS! You cap out at 2k nethershards which you can’t spend until your high enough level to do the Broken Shore questline. The second main reason is because the items in the chests level is based on your CURRENT level. Open ’em all at level 100… and all the items are 100. Granted you won’t get a ton of chests doing this method… you’ll get like 1.


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