Week 3: PreLegion

Have you heard there’s a new expansion coming out? They call it the Legion… or Legion, maybe I’m too old. It’s like the Twitter or the Snapchat (which I still think is dumb because I always read it and forget to instantly reply so when I go to reply later I have no idea what your LOL is talking about).

Get off my lawn you kids!

Srsly though… we get the 3rd prequel quest this week. It’s neat to see how it’s slowly unraveling and shaping into the next expansion….

…so I started writing this post right before I did the quest thinking I’d have something awesome to write about and 5mins later the quest was done.

Spoiler alert… Dalaran is under attack.

That’s the quest.

I’ve been enjoying these storyline quests and how things are coming together but this one was a bit of a reach in what you might call a ‘quest’. It takes longer to fly to Dalaran than it does to complete this thing.

I’ll jump over to another topic then… The Broken Shore.

Anyone else in love with the in game cut scenes? They have to be a lot of trouble to make but I really really really enjoy them.

Welp… back to my monk that’s getting closer to 100 thanks to the invasions. After 3 invasions he’s level 26 30 so this should go pretty silly fast! 36! This is just bonkers. Looks like I managed to get 40 before bed! Go team XP!

On a sidenote, the legion chests give you an item equal to your CURRENT level. If you save them until you ding 100 (cuz you’re wearing heirlooms for example) then you’ll be able to deck yourself out no problem!


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