I wanted to start this with cool information about avocados but I realized no one (read: me) really cares.  All you need to know about an avocado is that it’s fucking delicious.  A friend of mine, Ira, introduced me to grilled avocado back at Halloween and holey swiss cheese Batman it is for srsly good.

Ira also introduced me to the best Dungeons & Dragons group I’ve ever seen.  It’s not some cut-rate group that gets together for a bit of RP and hack-n-slash.  The DM (dungeon master) changes his voice and he had a fake ‘stache for one of the characters.  They were dressed up and everyone used their in-character voices.  Truly uber.

This is also where I met the most amazing guacamole I’ve ever had made by the lady of the house, Mrs. Heather.

Tangent alert!

Guacamole Ingredients

Does making guacamole scare anyone else?  Making it I mean, not eating it you sillies.  I’ve seen tons of mixes at the store and never found one that really worked for me.  There’s always tons of spices in them and it’s always seemed very daunting to try and make my own mix so I’ve shied away from it.

Oh look, the main thought…

I begged Heather for her recipe and was shocked at the ease of it.  I’ve made it three or four times since Halloween to rave reviews every time.

Instead of having some crazy spice mix that you have to put together it uses your favorite salsa to get the bulk of them that you need.  Ingenious?

Absolute win Heather, absolute win.

A really awesome part about guacamole is that it’s pretty healthy (assuming you don’t eat the whole batch).  Avocados are rich in potassium, vitamins B / K / E (I’d like to buy a vowel now Vanna) plus monounsaturated fat (that’s a good kind).  The great thing about homemade versions is that they contain mainly avocados as well instead of commercial stuff that tends to replace actual avocado with oils and fats.

I’ve made a few changes to her original recipe just for my own tastes (an additional jalapeno and some extra cumin) but overall it’s still hers.  You can’t really improve on perfect.

It’s also party size so if you are making it for yourself then I’d halve the recipe.  I did that earlier this week and then portioned it plus some chips out for my mid-afternoon snack.

6x Avocado
2x Tomato (use whatever is in season)
2x Jalapeno (use 1 if you are a sissy)
1x Red Onion
3T Your favorite salsa (On The Border mild is what I used)
1t Cumin
1x Lime

– Dice up the tomato, jalapeno, onion and add it to a bowl with the avocado.

– Add the salsa and cumin and a pinch of salt.

– Add the juice from the lime.

– Perform the monster mash on it (I know, I’m a bit late for Halloween jokes).

– Taste.  It’s probably fine on salt at this point (avocado’s are a bit high in sodium plus you added the salsa) but don’t be afraid to add a pinch or two more for your tastes.

– Take to party and revel in how much everyone loves it.

Health Information:

The whole thing is…
1630 Cal / 117 Carbs / 137 Fat / 3 Protein

You can portion this out though into 6 portions for…
272 Cal /  20 Carbs / 23 Fat / 1 Protein

That’s a pretty healthy snack especially for something you love so much.  Just pick your favorite tortilla chip and make sure to portion out the number of chips you have.  One serving of most chips isn’t enough to eat a full portion of this so you can make them even smaller and still get the same satisfaction.

Sealed up it lasts for about 2-3 days.  It lasts for about an hour at a party though!

6 thoughts on “Guac-amazing

  1. I usually use the favorite salsa trick when I’m in a rush. I usually add some powdered onion and garlic (not salt), no cumin, salt to taste, lime juice, cilantro, finely minced yellow and green onion. You could try roasting the jalapeno (a bit of work, but oh so worth the extra flavor rush). 🙂

  2. I tend to go with cider vinegar instead of citrus – mostly because I always have it on hand, as opposed to limes or lemons which I never have on hand when I’d need them.

  3. Xeonio says:

    @Tashira: I think I will certainly try to roast it next time and I love cilantro so no problem trying to toss that in!

    @Kiwi: I don’t think I’ve ever had cider vinegar. Do you use it in the same ratio as normal citrus?

  4. Xeonio says:

    hehehe Dreamy, I’m glad I could tweak your cravings! I love guacamole but until I found this out it always sounded so daunting to make. Now… now it’s like I have a unicorn in my basement that I can constantly have shitting rainbows for me.

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