Transmogratification and 4.3 Raidin

Transmogrification (or gratification as I’m calling it) is the whole reason I came back to WoW.  I’ve spent more time getting things ready for this feature than getting ready for raids.  It’s just literally the best feature in game right now.

My main, the lovely Xeonio, is currently sporting a wondrous tier 5 priest and is wielding some cotton candy from Hyjal I think is where it’s from.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the Avatar set and getting to wear it again makes me happy.

It’s super popular though and I’ve been seeing lots of priests with it on.  I’ll probably be changing sometime soon.  I’m going to be running lots of old world raids to help peeps with gear so I might get my tier 1 or go with the mage recolored Tirisfal set.

Sooooo many options.

My rogue on the other hand has been pretty easy to get a look for.

Her bank was FILLED with daggers and weapons to transmo’ when it came out.  I wanted really badly to wear torturing pokers as her daggers but they don’t really seem to go with her current outfit.  I think they might be too low res for her current armor set (which isn’t complete).

She’s wearing a recolored version of t10 but her chest isn’t the right color so it looks a bit out of place.  I just need 300 more JP to get the right chest piece.  Her feet are still wrong as well cuz I have to find a stupid crafter to make them.

I settled on dissectors for this tier of gear just ‘cuz I love the sleekness of the weapon.  It’s always been a favorite of mine.

Did you know that since they took Edwin Vancleef out of the game you can’t get the defias chest piece?

Yea.  It’s not possible to make the defias set now unless you are horde (they have a quest that gives you a look a like) or had it prior to his removal.  That’s a set I could pair the pokers with.

“The transmo room needs better lightning.”  – Daemia

That’s enough transmogratification for now.  On to the rest of 4.3!


Dragon Soul I’d have to say has been disappointing so far.  I know it’s not supposed to be back breaking but clearing the first 4 bosses on normal mode in our first night seems a bit meh.

Maybe it’s an Icecrown redux?

You mow through the first half of the instance and then spend the next few months trying to kill the 5th boss.  Ultraxion didn’t seem all that difficult though.  We did a test pull since we ran out of time and the mechanics seemed pretty simple.

The first boss, Morcock, could be killed by a bunch of brain dead monkeys.  A crystal spawns and the 3 closest people (on 10man) get a beam.  They run and stand by the crystal.  It explodes, you heal, super simple.  He also does an AE stomp and the damage is split between everyone within 15yds(?) I think.  It wasn’t significant.  He also spawns some spikes you run and stand behind to avoid black blood.


There’s two bosses you can choose between for the second boss.  We chose Warlord Zonads.

He was the hardest boss of the evening.  He spawns an orb that goes for the wall.  Your ranged stand in front of it and it’ll explode and bounce off them, heading back for the boss.  It has to explode and bounce off the melee to go back to ranged.  Very ping pong.

Each time the ball explodes the damage is split between the people near it and it gets an extra stack to do more damage.  We were doing it to stacks of 5.  Then you want all the melee to move the fuck outta the way and let it hit him.  It puts a debuff on him that increases damage done and sticks around.  The raid clumps up on him because the healing gets rough.  Otherwise it’s just a burn phase.

That’s both of his phases and you just rotate between them.  Pretty easy.  We used 1 tank.

Yor’sahj the Unsleeping, I was pretty sure he was going to be difficult but he’s not.  He’ll spawn 3 oozes of different colors.  You kill 1 of the three and the other two will give him a buff.  Just setup a priority on killing them (purple > green > yellow > black is what we went with).  Purple is just bad shit.  Green makes the raid spread out (but red / yellow make you collapse in so you can see why this would be bad).

We 1 tank’d this fight as well and it’s WAY easier than you’ll expect it to be.

Hag of the Storm is a completely mechanic driven fight.  Two phases.

Frost phase you run around the outside of the room killing some crystals and not getting hit by the frost spikes that travel clockwise or the ice that falls to the ground.

Lightning phase you kill an add then form a conga line to transfer lightning around the room to each flux capacitor.

Those phases rotate until she’s dead.  It helps to mark where the flux capacitors spawn and then setup groups accordingly so everyone knows where to run.  It takes 3 between a capacitor on 10man to arc it to each one.

There’s the first 4 bosses in a nutshell.

If you dumb that down significantly… like… A LOT… you have the LFR.  You just have to try it out to find out how sad it is.

This post is already silly long so I’ll wrap it up here and talk about class changes later and probably have a new look for Xeonio!


3 thoughts on “Transmogratification and 4.3 Raidin

  1. Winteros says:

    Hey buddy,

    whats it like being back in game after an extended period of time away? I haven’t played since February I think, was looking at it the other day not to sure if I want to get back into it in a casual capacity.

  2. Xeonio says:

    It’s meh. I love the transmo’ing, don’t get me wrong. The problem I’m having ATM is LFR. Remember running 10mans and 25mans? It’s kind of like that.

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