Cumin Chicken Pinwheels

I got to talking with an old friend in WoW, Kyranna, and she pointed out how I make all these great dishes that have a billion calories in them!  She’s right.  It’s really important to portion your food and know what you are eating.  Because of that I’ve been trying to watch the caloric intake even more.

That brought me back to one of my first forays into cooking or rather, preparing food for myself.  Remember these pinwheels?  One of the first things I ever presented to you all.  There’s just something about their simplicity that makes me love them more and more everytime I make them.

Betsy, Den and I have been using a website called My Fitness Pal (and they also have an app which is what I mainly use).  I just find it easier to use than Spark Page /shrug.  You can put each ingredient in for a recipe pretty easily and get a total calorie index for it (plus fat, carb., and protein).

A more specific recipe for the Pinwheel is as follows.

1x large tortilla
.25 red bell pepper
1T Philly Cream Cheese, Chives and Onion Flavored
3x Oscar Myer, Deli Fresh Honey Ham, Shaved

It’s a pretty healthy snack.

278 calories
39 carbs.
10 fat
12 protein

Carbs are a bit high but you could cut that with a wheat tortilla or healthier options for them.

Wow, I’m really long winded.  This was supposed to be about my NEW pinwheels recipe.  We should probably get to that.

We need pictures stat!  Here’s some stuff that goes in them…

There’s some onions in it too.

I wanted batman onions (ya know, dark and caramelized) but took the pic before that.

Normally I take like 2 pics of a dish, and that’s when it’s finished so you only see 1.  This time I went bonkers and took a bunch so I have no idea how to organize them or my thoughts.  We’re just going chronological here.

Cumin chicken om nom nom.

These are the tortillas I used.  It’s more like flat bread and sadly they were kind of too big for what I needed but they worked (if you like a lot of tortilla in your burritos).

Their flavoring was solid though so that’s a plus.  You might be able to cut them in half and make mini wheels?  Just go with the regular tortillas you can get like if you were making regular pinwheels.  They are flavored as well and will cut some carbs out of the final count.

Putting them together is just as easy as a regular pinwheel and they look pretty when done.

Recipe:  Cumin Chicken Pinwheel

1x Green Bell Pepper
1x Red Bell Pepper
1x White Onion
4oz Chicken Tenders
4x Tortilla’s (I used Flatout Italian Herb)
4T Philly Cream Cheese, Chives & Onion Flavor

– Cut the onions and both bell peppers into strips.

– Use a teaspoon of oil (I used olive) to sautee the onions until they are nice and soft, about half way to caramelized (no idea how long this takes because I only have one temperature on my stove.  Burninate.  When they are halfway there add the bell peppers.

– After the veg is done set it aside, wipe down your skillet (cuz you only own one).

– Take out the chicken tenders and salt them, pepper them, add the cumin and paprika.  Add a teaspoon of oil to the skillet and put those babies in once they pan is hot.  Cook them through and then add the veg back to the skillet for 30 or so seconds, just to warm it back up.  Turn off the fire and let it sit there.

– Take a tablespoon of Philly Cream Cheese and smear it on one of  your tortillas.  Lay down some bell peppers and onions and 1 chicken tender.

– Roll it up.

– Eat it.

– Nom nom.


3 thoughts on “Cumin Chicken Pinwheels

  1. Shiny says:

    If you use brown rice tortillas or corn tortillas (though those are harder to fold) it’s also a gluten-free recipe. 🙂 Sounds yummy, might try it.

  2. Tashira says:

    Sounds yummy! I always like to heat up my tortillas (either on a grill pan (I have more than one pan ^_^) or in the microwave) to help make the rolling easier. 🙂

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