Bloatfish Winners!

My independent judge got back with me and it looks like the winners have been chosen.  Big congratulations and thank you all for your entries.  Emails with your codes should be on the way.  The pet won’t be in the game until 4.3 (Blizzard is slacking).  When you do finally get it turned in I’d love to get a screenie of you and it to share with peeps.

In no particular order…

Andrew Smith (limerick)
Bloat’s kind of a fem-looking fishy.
I can’t tell if it’s a girl or just swishy.
But however it swings,
You can be sure of one thing:
The pet makes its master look dishy.

Shadowfaux (haiku)
The World of Warcraft
Can’t catch a purple puffer
what good is this gear

VaLois Strait (haiku)
The fire it burns them
Idiots immolated
They will never learn.

rare pet seeker (poem)

Always looking, seeking, wandering the wild.
Trying to find a friend, an ally, a true companion.
This tis true a task not meant for the mild.
It takes complete and total abandon

of your senses to truly find them.
Griefer’s, haters are around annoyingly
They will kill what you seek on a whim.
To them tis how they enjoy the game fully

To gain your prize, your goal your rare.
You must sit their never unblinking and stare.



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