Return to WoW Giveaway!

That’s right… I’m back.  I’ve been back for about two weeks now and I’m still managing to control my IRL v. WoW time.

You might remember that I deleted EVERYTHING when I quit (piece by piece).  They were able to restore Xeonio but he was nekid (that’s how he was when I deleted him).  They were then able to restore about 10 items.  I got my bags and my trinkets but was pretty S.O.L. after that.

Luckily for me my guildies really pitched in and helped to get me back up into ship shape condition.

I bought some stuff with my justice points and guildies bought stuff off the A.H.  By the end of the evening I was in Firelands getting my first Ragnaros kill.

It was pretty hot.

But you aren’t here to read about my return are you?  I can already see your eyes skimming past this to the end to read about the give away.

A picture of the card.

Here it is.

Contest Rules:

Reply to this thread with a haiku about WoW.

What do you mean you can’t write a haiku?  Fine, I’ll let you slide.  Gimme a poem, or a song, or a lymric or even a lil’ diddy about WoW.  The more creative the better.  You could do an MS paint if you wanted (I can even host the image if you want to email it to

The contest will end at 11:59 pm, Oct. 23rd.


I have three purple puffers to give out.  They are a noncombat pet from the newest WoW TCG set.  They are a puffer fish floating in a globe of water.  Not sure what special things it does or anything like that, haven’t seen one yet (because they won’t be ingame until patch 4.3).


If you reply make sure you put in your email address (I think you can put it in w/o putting in a name if you still want to stay anonymous).  If you don’t gimme an email though, I can’t give you your prize!

Tashira and her Lil' XT, won in a previous give away.

87 Responses to Return to WoW Giveaway!

  1. Maria Mantek says:

    Welcome back Xeonio!

  2. Xeonio says:

    Thanks! I hope you enter this one as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing how crazy and funny these are going to be.

  3. KiwiRed says:

    There’s no escape… (…says the person who re-subbed to roll up a new dwarf paladin)

  4. Greebo says:

    Not a haku, but…Well, decide for yourself.

    A Raid With No Name
    (with apologies to America.)

    On the first part of the journey
    I was looking at all the mobs
    There were plants and cats and drakes and things
    There was legs and shields and rings
    The first thing I met was a tank with a ‘tude
    And a sky with full of fire
    The heat was hot and the ground was slick
    We were throwing pyrite around

    I’ve been through the instance on a raid with no name
    It felt good to be out of the flames
    In the instance you can’t remember your name
    ‘Cause there ain’t no one to cast Shadow Word: Pain
    La la lalala

    After two bosses in the Titan sun
    My skin began to burn red
    After three bosses in the Titan fun
    I was looking at a robot’s head
    And the story it told, of a tinker so bold
    Made me sad to think it was dead


    After nine bosses, I let the Druid run free
    ‘Cause the walls had turned to trees
    There were plants and nymphs and Elder things
    There was gloves and staves and rings
    The room was a garden with its life all around
    And a perfect sky up above
    Under the temple lies a heart made of ground
    But the Titans will give no love.


  5. Spellingfreak says:

    Aarrghh!!! Teacher instinct kicked in! Can’t help but correct you. You have spelt Haiku incorrectly twice. Welcome back to WoW:)

  6. Xeonio says:

    @Spellingfreak: LOL, NP. I’d rather you correct me so I can get it right next time. Spelling errors drive me just as insane. What’s really sad is that I even looked it up so I could make a link to it and didn’t realize the fuck up!

  7. ambient says:

    I’ve been PvPing a lot lately, on both of my priests (raising a second so I can have ALL the specs!). So here’s my contribution:

    paladin /laughs
    but his jeers fade out quickly
    I glyph Mass Dispel

  8. rare pet seeker. says:


    Always looking, seeking, wandering the wild.
    Trying to find a friend, an ally, a true companion.
    This tis true a task not meant for the mild.
    It takes complete and total abandon

    of your senses to truly find them.
    Griefer’s, haters are around annoyingly
    They will kill what you seek on a whim.
    To them tis how they enjoy the game fully

    To gain your prize, your goal your rare.
    You must sit their never unblinking and stare.

  9. Marisse says:

    I need you like air.
    Purple puffer, please be mine.
    And show me your junk.

  10. Shadowfaux says:

    Raid healers ?
    They are flaky as hell
    But then there is Xeo

  11. Zebramints says:

    Purple Puffer Pet
    Triple Alliteration
    I am a wordsmith

  12. Marisse says:

    Puff, get in my bag
    You glorious purple thing.
    We can roleplay cats.

    I can sex you up
    Like you are from Xeo’s store
    And then return you.

    Let’s hang out, Puffer.
    Sweet tetraodontidae.
    To eat you is death.

    Just want to hold you.
    Can we cuddle a little?
    Ow ow ow ow ow.

    Ahhhh, if you were mine
    I would forsake all others.
    Carter, I’m sorry.

    Threatening is bad
    But if I don’t win, you face

  13. Shadowfaux says:

    Swimming in a bowl
    Purple Puffer is that you
    Now you will be mine

  14. Shadowfaux says:

    Fishermen fishing
    soft ripples in the calm lake
    Puffer in the depths

  15. Marisse says:

    Shadow, get off Puff
    He’s mine. Don’t you have something
    To go tank? Jerkface.

  16. Shadowfaux says:

    Bloat the Bubble fish
    Elusive with one attack power
    will you be mine Puff

  17. Shadowfaux says:

    cant edit … redoing

    Bloat the Bubble fish
    Elusive with one AP
    Will you be mine Puff

  18. Shadowfaux says:

    The Water whispers
    A subtle message to me
    Puff wants to be mine

  19. Marisse says:

    Shadow wants Puff for
    Unspeakable thing. Get out
    You nasty pervert.

  20. Shadowfaux says:

    Don’t care what you say
    Purple Puffer is pretty
    Am I obsessing

  21. Shadowfaux says:

    The Puffer giveaway
    Xeonio is the judge
    Shadow is winning

  22. Shadowfaux says:


    The Puffer contest
    Xeonio is the Judge
    Shadow is winning

  23. Shadowfaux says:

    Marisse wants puffer
    She has 150
    You little greedy hobbit

  24. Shadowfaux says:

    Edit godfucking damnit

    Marisse wants Puffer
    You little greedy Hobbit
    You have 150

  25. Marisse says:

    Each edit takes off
    A chance of winning, Shadow.
    Now I win for sure.

  26. Shadowfaux says:

    Pretty in Purple
    Puffed Puffer up you are fishy
    my my my precious

  27. Shadowfaux says:

    Edit: give this thing an edit function…

    Pretty in Purple
    Puffed Puffer you are fishy
    my my my Precious

  28. Marisse says:

    All I have to say
    To Shadow is ha ha ha
    Ha ha ha ha ha

  29. Shadowfaux says:

    Puffer is purple
    Hobbits are very tiny
    So are you Marisse

  30. Shadowfaux says:

    Green Slimy Scales
    Purple Puffy in a bowl
    Monster or a fish

  31. Marisse says:

    I can’t wait, Shadow
    To throw Puffer on your face.
    Rivulets of blood.

  32. Shadowfaux says:

    I can’t wait, Marisse
    To catch the puffer you throw
    Thank you for my great present.

  33. Shadowfaux says:


    I can’t wait, Marisse
    To catch the puffer you throw
    Thank you for the gift

  34. Shadowfaux says:

    I am puffered out
    Can not right Haiku anymore
    So goodbye for now

  35. Andrew Smith says:

    Balancing WoW and
    real life can be a challenge.
    Try not to dick it.

  36. Marisse says:

    He is small to start
    Expands on command. Shadow
    Is chunks of flesh now.

  37. Andrew Smith says:

    Trying not to say
    just how much the puffer fish
    looks like Xeo’s head.

  38. Andrew Smith says:

    You can piss off both
    Marisse and Shadowfaux by
    giving me the fish.

  39. Marisse says:

    Andrew, GET OUT NOW.
    Puffer is ours. Don’t make me
    Send you naked pics.

  40. Andrew Smith says:

    I like animals.
    I’ll save it from becoming
    a big sushi roll.

  41. Shadowfaux says:

    Andy’s Haiku sucks
    Just like Andrew loves to suck
    did i say that loud

  42. Shadowfaux says:

    Puffered be thy name
    your kingdom comes in a bowl
    thy Fish will be done

  43. Marisse says:

    Andrew and Xeo,
    Make a Shadow sandwich. I
    hear Puff likes the vag.

  44. Andrew Smith says:

    Oh! Sweet puffer fish!
    Your big, doe eyes and soft lips
    Make me think, “penguin.”

  45. Andrew Smith says:

    Quick! While Shadow tries
    to find some pizza for lunch,
    write eight more haiku!

  46. Marisse says:

    Mmmm Puff, you look good.
    A tiny taste will suffice.
    Oh no! You -are- pois

  47. Andrew Smith says:

    Do you like me, fish?
    Does your small, fragile bubble
    reflect back my love?

  48. Andrew Smith says:

    I’m sure Bloat would like
    to live in California.
    Better than Dallas…

  49. Andrew Smith says:

    The poor fish will be
    destroyed by one of Shadow’s
    thirty-two children.

  50. Shadowfaux says:

    Poor Purple Puffer
    Look how it bloats in fear of
    Marisse and Andrew

  51. Andrew Smith says:

    Because Shadow pronounces things all weird, I have to re-write the 3:41 entry. Gawd!

    I’m sure Bloat would like
    to live in Sacramento.
    Better than Dallas…

  52. Marisse says:

    His name is Booble.
    Great friend and receptacle
    When I drink too much.

  53. Andrew Smith says:

    Marisse got the fish’s name wrong. Automatic disqualification!

  54. Shadowfaux says:

    Bloat the bubble fish
    Lives in a watery globe
    Safe under my shield

  55. Marisse says:

    It’s his new name, ass.
    You didn’t haiku back, you
    Lose the game. I win.

  56. Shadowfaux says:

    Bloat the Bubble fish
    he carved his own niche
    by having haiku written about him by a whole crew
    Even though it consisted of newbs like Marisse and Andrew
    Bloat the Bubble fish

  57. Andrew Smith says:

    A limerick:

    I assure you I don’t mean to gloat,
    But all my haiku ’bout Bloat
    Are second to none,
    And much more fun
    Than Marisse’s lame poems that don’t even rhyme.

    Lemme try that again…

    It will surely get Shadow’s goat
    If you give me the fishy named Gloat.
    My haiku are great!
    His? Just second-rate.
    And *I* worked in “smooth as your scrote.”

    OK, one last attempt…

    Bloat’s kind of a fem-looking fishy.
    I can’t tell if it’s a girl or just swishy.
    But however it swings,
    You can be sure of one thing:
    The pet makes its master look dishy.

    I’d better stick with the haiku.

  58. Shadowfaux says:

    A Puffer Sandwich
    Is all Marisse can think of
    Do not give her one

  59. Andrew Smith says:

    Marisse can’t read so
    tried to change the fish’s name to
    make up for stupid.

  60. Shadowfaux says:

    He called the fish Gloat
    A disqualification
    Thats what it should be

  61. Andrew Smith says:

    Booble… Gloat… Cali..
    Why can’t I edit comments
    and shut Shadow up?

  62. Andrew Smith says:

    I’m glad I stayed home
    to write haiku ’bout a fish.
    Better than working!

  63. Andrew Smith says:

    Bedroom eyes in a
    small, irridescent bubble
    make me hot for fish.

  64. Shadowfaux says:

    Better than working
    to write haiku ’bout a fish
    not if you don’t win

  65. Andrew Smith says:

    I don’t want the fish.
    (It’s reverse psychology.)
    Give it to Shadow.

  66. Shadowfaux says:

    The World of Warcraft
    Can’t catch a purple puffer
    what good is this gear

  67. Andrew Smith says:

    It’s never enough
    to play WoW casually.
    You have to pwn it.

  68. Ira Wile says:

    level seventy
    took two years, all in one stance
    will cried at dinner

  69. What wow lacks in sports
    My orc makes up by punting
    gnomes across the land

  70. Shadowfaux says:

    There was a priest called Xeo
    He loved healing through LO
    With no gear in his bags
    He managed to kill rags
    This little dwarf named Xeo

  71. Andrew Smith says:

    Back at work today
    and all I can do is dream
    of a big, fat fish.

  72. Andrew Smith says:

    I go to the gym.
    Does Bloat have to work out to
    keep so fine a form?

  73. Caitir says:

    Please help, got ninety-
    Nine vanity pets but a
    Fishy, Bloat, ain’t one!

    (also, welcome back!)

  74. Zasziden says:

    Welcome back, dwarf priest
    To the burning lands of fire
    Fish aren’t found there much.

    (welcome back again!)

  75. Dagris says:

    Welcome back Xeo:)

    Warcraft is a beast,
    Alliance and Horde fight on,
    Critters die unknown.

  76. Zebramints says:

    Purple Puffer Pet
    Carries in Poke Battle
    I WILL beat Marisse

  77. Baultt says:

    I don’t give a damn
    About Shadow and Marisse
    I just want that fish

  78. Baultt says:

    its all in fun:)

  79. Baultt says:

    I’m sure everyone has heard this one:)

    I’m a little Pally
    Short and Stout
    This is my Hammer this is my Mount
    Whenever I see Horde
    I Scream and Shout
    Pop on a bubble and Hearth stone out

  80. Morancarth says:

    Raiding day and night watching my toon get beat on everynight. I
    turned to look around see all my friends skelies lying about.My fingers and hands cramping up wondering why the hell i didnt roll a death knight.

  81. The fire it burns them
    Idiots immolated
    They will never learn.

  82. Xeonio says:

    Throwing in a comment to show that the contest has ended and judging will commence QUICKLY!

    Thank you to all those that entered and I’m super glad with the turnout (and even the spam =).

  83. Shiny says:

    “The poor fish will be
    destroyed by one of Shadow’s
    thirty-two children.”

    I spit coffee on my keyboard when I read this. Thanks for the laugh this morning.😛

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