Transmogrification & Armor Looks (for everyone)

I know… the title of the post is silly long but I wanted it to be informative.

Screw you!

Anyway…  For along time I wanted the ability to look like something different in WoW.  I would often wear items that weren’t as good as stuff I had just because I hated what it would do to my look.

Then I went and quit WoW.

So they went and added in transmogrification.  This is one of those changes that could drag my ass kicking and screaming back to the game.  Granted, I deleted my priest and made sure I sold every item or destroyed it but I could bug Marisse and she’d be up for farming every zone until we got our old gear.

“Visiting a Transmogrifier will present players with a new interface that will allow them to change the appearance of an item while retaining its original stats. “

I know the items you change it into has to be something you’d be able to wear (so I couldn’t don my seksy priest Xeonio with an awesome warrior set /sad panda).  You also can’t change the armor type.  I couldn’t change my cloth robes into a plate chest or vice versa.

It’s about time though and it’s an AWESOME change.  I’m not sure of the cost but I’d probably be in a different outfit for every raid.

Jeezy Creezy, I just realized I can wear other classes cloth sets.  EVERYONE is going to look like a warlock.  This change will make pvp a helluva lot more awesome though.  No identifying what people are by what they are wearing.

It’s changes like this that really get my goat going.

One thing I’ve noticed about this announcement is the fact that some of my old posts about tier gear have been skyrocketing in popularity.  I think that’s due to peeps looking for pics to see what they have to track down.

Here’s some helpful links…

Priest Tier 1 – 11
Druid Tier 1 – 11

I also remembered that WoW Wiki has several pictures for sets so I’ve decided to borrow those images (all images below this point are from WoW Wiki).  I’ve decided to present them in a simple format with just the class name and a link to each picture.  I’d prefer to have them all load in a smaller format but there would be a FUCKTON of images so I think this is probably the easiest way.

Warrior Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Druid Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Paladin Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Priest Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Rogue Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Warlock Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Shaman Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Mage Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN

Death Knight Sets
Uhhh… yea…
PvP’ish | T7 | T8 | T9 | T10

Hunter Sets
Tier | PvP | Faction | Dungeon | Arena | UN


7 thoughts on “Transmogrification & Armor Looks (for everyone)

  1. Xeonio says:

    lol yea. I deleted EVERYTHING. I think I have a screenshot somewhere of it. It was pretty emotional, I cried (srsly). I started with my alts and such. I sold everything a vendor would buy and donated my cash to the guild bank. Then I deleted everything that wouldn’t sell. Then I deleted all my toons. I started another priest with the name Xeonio… just in case, ya know, I came back. I couldn’t bare having someone else having Xeonio’s name.

  2. I envy all the classes with good armor choices. I’ve got hot and cold running choices in guns (and I probably already own a half dozen or more of them, banked, not including my honor PvP gun, which is super-sexy), but armor? Bleh.

  3. Xeonio says:

    @Marisse: Yea, I know how that goes. You wrangle up a bunch of peeps then I hear on vent, “Okay, Xeo’s leading. Go go go!”

    @Shadowfaux: I’m pretty sure the character could be restored but I’d literally have nothing. I might not even want to be a healer anymore!

    Hahahaha… yeah right. I’m even playing a healer in Dragon Age 2.

    @Ringo: Well, you do have one thing going for you. You are the best looking race in the game! Srsly, everything looks better on a dwarf. You should go for a gun that looks like the starting zone one and maybe a farmers outfit. That would rock. I jumped over to your blog and you could go with the graphic you have for Ringo in the top left. That would be pretty neat.

    I ran through the hunter armor sets again and you’re right, there isn’t a whole lot of choice. I used to have Gladiator’s Pursuit (hunter season 1 arena) and it looked snazzy on her (dwarf female).

    On the flipside you could try out shaman looks. Tier 5 and 6 both look really great on a dwarf and tier 9 from Icecrown Citadel looks pretty sweet (the blue version).

  4. Yeah, I picked up 3/4 of Gladiator’s Pursuit this weekend. (I’m wearing goggles for a headpiece, naturally.) I’ll punch the Curator in the face until he lets me finish the set.

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