Rainbow Cupcakes!

Betsy helped me make the coconut cake I made awhile back and we meshed pretty well in the kitchen together. We weren’t tripping on each other or getting in each other’s way. I’d say it is the best we have EVER worked together.

Back around Father’s Day Betsy called me up, “Let’s bake something. I feel like baking. What are we going to bake?” Then she linked me these rainbow cupcakes. Nothing really special about them other then the way they look (which is aaaaaaaamazing).

We mixed up the batters easily enough and poured them into the trays. I was totally not anal about it and just poured them in, hoping for the best. The comments mentioned that they muddled up pretty easily and I wasn’t going to break my back trying to make them perfect.

Betsy on the other hand was trying to make a Mona Lisa. She was hellbent on making sure each layer covered the other layer in the cupcake trays. Hindsight makes me think that is the reason they muddle.

If you pour it only in the center then it spreads more evenly and doesn’t mix quite as much, creating the layers of color better (which we’ll try next time).

We also decided to use the frosting I made for my mom’s mother’s day cake. It’s light, airy, and moderately sweet (just how I like my icing). If you like that heavy super sweet taste of regular cake icing then I highly recommend using or making something like that. This icing will not be sweet enough for you.

Mine looked like it was smiling at me.  See it?  The two blue eyes, the yellow nose and the giant red grin.


They turned out pretty enough though and they were om nom nom’d all up!


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