So… whatcha doin?

Yea, it’s certainly been awhile since I posted anything.  I haven’t been up to a whole lot lately.  My life has mainly been revolving around work and going to the gym (which is twice a day… most days).

I go in the morning with Danna (a good friend from when I was working at the Hellmouth (ie. Ross)) and in the evenings with my besty, Betsy.

Haven’t lost a whole lot of weight but things are fitting better and the other day I was brushing my hair when something caught my eye.  What was that I thought?  A massive tumor just under my skin?  No, silly.

It was a bicep!

I haven’t seen those in along time so it was super neat.  I’ve been making sure to point at things over there and tell people this way.  So much fun in the simplest of ways.

Speaking of fun things to do.  Brent (can I post your IRL name?  I guess it’s too late to ask now!) over at Casual Collective posted a recipe he’s been working on.  This got me sparked on trying to develop my own recipe.  Can’t say I’ve been very experimental in my cooking in the sense of just changing things up in recipes (unless I didn’t have that particular item) so Brent inspired me to try it out.

I eat mainly chicken for dinner and figured that would be a healthier choice for me to experiment with then cookies so that’s where I started.  Next up it’s a matter of trying to figure out what to put with the chicken.  Not being much of a cooking-with-fruits kind of guy I picked up a pineapple.  I know they go well in a lot of dishes (especially pizza but that’s nasty).

You can’t just have chicken and pineapple though, I needed something to cut the sweet.  Off to the peppers I went, choosing poblano for it’s heat.  Poblano’s are a great, mild heat pepper with a deep green color.

Now, Betsy says I’m delicate and maybe I am but whenever I cut ANY pepper that has any sort of heat to it I get those wonderful chemical burns.  I remember the first time I cut jalapenos.  I didn’t think anything about just scooping the insides out with my hand, no problem right.  For days after that my hands felt like they were on fire.

Poblano’s are WAY more mild than jalapeno’s though so I didn’t think anything about it.


The next 24hrs my hands had a burning tingling sensation.  If it had been in a different spot I’d have had to seen a doctor for a special shot.


I’ve never cooked with pineapple before.  When I cut it I figured because there is so much water in them that they would reduce down a lot (like onions).  They don’t though.  In fact I don’t think they reduced in size AT ALL.  Then for some reason I cut the poblano’s into a size that you would eat green bell peppers at.

The size of the peppers and pineapple made them practically impossible to eat together.  Due to the size of the peppers and the fact you had to eat them solo was like tossing a molotov cocktail into your mouth and hoping for the best.

The only great thing that I discovered during this dish was the juice of the pineapple from the container could be used to deglaze the pan.  Added a great bit of flavor and a bit of sauce.

A few incarnations later (which I don’t have a pic of) I made some improvements and one giant mistake.  The improvements were having the pineapple and poblanos diced up.  I’m not sure what a chutney is but that’s how I’d describe it.  They mingled together well and when you got a bite of them together I was pleasantly surprised.

My big mistake?  Was using chicken that had expired.  I mean, I thought it might have been bad but chicken already smells gross and feels slimy so how am I supposed to know it’s gone bad?  I cooked it up and my chicken tasted like fish.

This might have been some crazy side effect of pineapple poblano mingling and garlic powder but I wasn’t going to chance it.  I tossed it in the trash and had Subway instead.

Oh well, that’s what I’ve been up to.


2 thoughts on “So… whatcha doin?

  1. Xeonio says:

    I love how the K and the A are capitalized… it makes my OCD want to stab you in the face.

    Hope all is going well!

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