Neely’s Spring Risotto

Note:  Commenting is back on.  Actually it never got turned off but that’s a long story.  Now, onto the real story.

I love me some risotto.  Ever since that first attempt I’ve really been in love with it.  When I make it correctly it has an amazing texture and the flavor you get from such a simple dish is really amazing.  When I find one of our new chefs it’s the first thing I look for.  Most of the time I’ll make it (plus something else so I’m not constantly talking about risotto to you all) but with the Neely’s nothing really popped out at me.

That means you are kind of stuck with this.

The Neely’s had a spring risotto that I figured I’d try.  After the last debacle that was the mediterranean pasta I didn’t want to chance ingredients that I know I don’t like.  The snow peas were just that ingredient in this so they became red bell peppers.

Just to pat myself on the back I’ve gotten so comfortable with making risotto that I hardly followed this recipe at all.  Which is funny considering the amount of mistakes I made making it.

Starting off I used an onion that was WAY too big (that’s what he said!)  Then I ended up adding too much liquid in the end and instead of allowing it to evaporate off I stopped the cooking (to prevent the rice from becoming mush).  It looked kinna gross in the pan with the extra liquid.  It didn’t help that I added in a bit too much parmesan cheese either.  The extra grease from it only added to the residual liquid.

On the upside though, it did taste pretty good!


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