Mega Spammage

If your comments haven’t made it through in awhile it might be because the spam filter caught it.  Usually I read all the spam comments and those that are real I let go on through.  Problem is that recently my porn store confessional post got added to some spam site so now I get around 100-200 comments on that post alone about every 12hrs.

As you can imagine I quit reading them.  Each day I login to the blog, go ugh, and delete everything in the spam filter.  I’ve changed the tags on the post but that did nothing.  I don’t think changing the title will effect it either but I’m gonna try that next.  I don’t know why it has gotten tag’d like that.  None of my other porn store confessionals have ever gotten spammed like that.

We’ll see how it goes and tomorrow I should have an FNCCC post up.


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