Goin’ round the bend

Been slow going around here recently.  Mainly I’ve just been posting about my weekly cooking because that’s really all I’m doing.  I’ve been putting a lot of effort into working out but not eating too healthy so the weight is dropping at a snails pace.  But dessert is soooooo goooood.

Betsy keeps mentioning to me about portion control and how low fat muffins aren’t low fat after the fifth one.  I can barely hear her over the pig sounds I make as the food is shoveled into my gob though!

I do love working out though, I’m really enjoying cardio and the endorphine release.  It’s even better when someone is with me so I can make it a competition (even if they don’t know they are competing).  Strength training I’m not really enjoying though.  I tried to do some curls on a machine last week and of course I pushed myself too far.

The next day I could barely bend my arms, my biceps and those muscles that get big in your forearm from masturbating too much REALLY hurt.  I took some aspirin and a hot shower so they were mostly okay that day. Then we jump to the day after that (2 days after the workout) and my arms cramped up over night.  My range of motion was non existent and I looked like a T-rex.  I even left work early because people looked at me funny when I would go to pick something up and groan like a dying cow.

It’s takin’ me a week to recover from it but I’m working on doing the machines again.  A friend of mine goes to the gym EARLY in the morning to do weight training (with free weights) with a friend of his.  I’m still working on getting up early enough to go.  My alarm goes off at 6am (about 4 or 5 hours after I’ve gone to bed) and I chunk it across the room.  Yea, I’ll have to fix that.

The rest of my time is spent working, cooking, playing Dark Spore or theory crafting the WoW TCG.

I had an article posted on one of the main WoW TCG websites which I’m proud of.  I’d link it but they posted an early version of the article that was unrevised and not proofread which makes me very sad.  It was also formatted very poorly (ie. extra spaces where there shouldn’t be, spaces between paragraphs isn’t consistent, and it just looks like a tragedy).  Plus it would read like greek since you’d have no idea what I was talking about.

Cooking has been a lot more fun.  I don’t feel like I’ve got two left feet while I’m doing it and the fluster level has gone from JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! to OMG are you srs?!  Oddly it went down when I realized that my stove had more settings then off and burninator.

Tonight I’m going into baking mode making orange almond toffee sandies, those stupid white chocolate no bake cookies I’ve been putting off and I need to make my mom a cake for mother’s day.  I think I’m gonna make something similar to Betsy’s mini chocolate chunk orange cakes.  I want it as a two layer cake though and I want something pretty on top.  Not completely sure what I’m gonna do, we’ll see.

(random amount of elapsed time)

Betsy happened to be on MSN so I started MSGing her and the cake is now fleshed out.  Two layer strawberry cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting and one of those pretty strawberry flower things on top for the detail.

Anyone else being nice and cooking their mom something or copping out and buying her something?


2 thoughts on “Goin’ round the bend

  1. Kackler says:

    muscle training actually burns more calories than cardio. the burn and pain will go away eventually. they say you should weight train first then cardio for the best results.

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