Gilt(y) Pleasures

I do MOST of my buying online.  Because of that it has led me to finding TONS of different websites for deals and a few of them are really nice.

Betsy introduced me to this one awhile back though,  You can only join them via invite (the link provided is an invite link).  They have daily sales and they send out an email to let you know what is going on.  Now, I hardly buy from them but I can tell you I’ve spent A LOT of time looking through what they have and I’ve definitely found some very nice finds.

They have home decor, women / children / men’s clothing, hell they even do trips at big discounts.  They have sales that range all over the board in price range but in the end you pay a lot less off the retail cost of it.  They even have sales on their sales sometimes and you’ll find things that retail for $300+ for $29’ish.

The jacket on the right is a French Connection hoodie that retails for $98 and via Gilt you can get it for $39.  Point is the discounts are substantial.

It’s also been very nice to see brands I wouldn’t normally see in my small town and has given me a chance to buy some of their things.  I hope you find some things you like and even if you don’t, it’s fun as hell looking at outfits that sale for thousands of dollars.

You can signup here, via my private link (because it’s invite only) and if you order something I think I get a few dollars (which is nice) so definitely share it with your friends as well.


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