WoW… it’s over.

World of Warcraft that is… not the blog.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to even post in terms of WoW but couldn’t muster any tangible ideas.

I guess it started as soon as I decided to come back to WoW.  I wanted control of the guild I birthed and regardless of the ego behind the statement, the guild I created.  The guy I called my friend didn’t want to relinquish that control back to me though.

At the time I was pretty pissed off.  What right did he have to keep something that was rightfully mine?  But let’s face it, it wasn’t like I was gone for a few weeks or on a temporary vacation.  I left with every intention of never returning and 6 months later, I had no right to ask for it back.  I should have been happy with the position I was offered, upper-tier officer leading the raids (the part I enjoyed the most).

Problem is I’m a bit… what’s the word for someone who is unable to follow and has to have it their way?  Smartest man alive?  Amazing?  I’m sure it’s one of those.  So instead of doing what I should have done I left guild and took with me a small chunk of the oldies with me, forming my own guild.  The plan was to start a 10man and run it as best we could.

We did pretty good for awhile but there are some serious issues with WoW now when it comes to small guilds / raid groups that ARE interested in guild achievements, levels, all that jazz.

Anyway, the problems began to become bigger and I got more bored with the game.  People were looking in different directions and I decided that if I was going to quit I couldn’t just abandon these people, especially the more casual ones who had followed me over.

When I left Relentless I vowed to myself not to poach from their ranks, anyone who wanted to follow did so because they talked to me and I stuck to that plan.  Didn’t burn any bridges and that paid off because that’s where I turned to to merge my new guild into.

We merged back into Relentless a week or so ago and then my only plan was to help everyone get their phoenix (guild achievement) before I quit… that didn’t happen though.  You take a 10 man group and subtract 30% from it and it won’t get a whole lot of things done on progression.

Ugh this is starting to get long… so fast forward and I canceled my account.  Stupid account also has my Starcraft 2 so I can’t sell it which is the suck.  Even if I could get just like $20 I’d be happy but oh well.  To those that are still playing awesome, I’m glad you can enjoy the game and hope you continue to.

The blogging will continue though!


2 thoughts on “WoW… it’s over.

  1. Jerilynn says:

    I hear ya. I think I’m done as well, just haven’t gone about canceling. I haven’t logged in in over a week, and don’t miss it at all. 😦

  2. Xeo says:

    That’s a pretty long time to go w/o logging in. You should pull the trigger! You’ll feel a lot better once you don’t feel “attached” to it anymore.

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