FNCCC 16 – Jamie Oliver

This week we have Mr. Jamie Oliver himself.  He’s absolutely adorable and super kind hearted (at least that’s how he’s portrayed on the tele (tele is what the british call T.V.).  Last I heard he had revolutionized British school systems or whatever and was hard working at doing it in America as well.  Little did he know that the last time America made change there was a Civil War.  He should be careful, we might declare war on his country (it’s just how we roll).

Jamie has an awesome bio and for his age I’d say he’s accomplished quite a bit.  I don’t remember the name of the show he did in America but the British version of it was called Jamie’s School Dinners.  If you get a chance to watch the American version it was pretty good and certainly an eye opener as to why all the obesity is getting so rampant in America (or you could look down the street and see fast food dot’d along every street corner).

I haven’t looked at his recipes yet but I’m guessing for the most part they are healthy.  I’m gonna take my Q from Mr. Oliver here and try to do maybe a healthy desert or something.

Edit:  Had to add in his recipes link, duh.  Betsy said he doesn’t have a lot of recipes so you might need to do some googling.


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