IRL: Mushroom Ravioli

This last week was by far the toughest FNCCC I’ve done.  Even tougher than the wild mushroom risotto.  I opt’d for not only making ravioli, I decided to make the pasta itself…

FROM SCRATCH! (bolded for emphasis)

It actually turned out pretty good, but I’m jumping ahead of myself.

I wanted Betsy to be able to eat them so I opt’d for a portobello ravioli filling from some guy named Barry Wohl.  The ravioli dough though is from our illustrious Mario.

Pasta Dough:

  • 4 eggs
  • 3 1/2 cups flour, plus 1/2 cup for dusting work surface
  • 1/2 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil

Let’s talk about the pasta dough recipe.  You are supposed to make a well in the middle of the flour and put your eggs / oil into it.  From there you simply start stirring in the flour to create the dough.  Sounds easy enough… BUT IT ISN’T!  You don’t actually endup using all that flour.  I had about a cup left after I made the dough and was starting to freak.

The dough became flaky when I tried to incorporate too much flour so I added some water to try and help rehydrate it and it seemed to work.  I wrapped the dough in plastic and sat it aside.

Unsure of whether I did it right or not I made a second round of dough while the first “rested”.  I called Betsy to ask her about it and she wanted to point out that the dough doesn’t actually rise and didn’t want me to wait an hour trying to figure out why it was the same size.  Thanks for the faith B!

A friend of mine was over and helped me make the mushroom filling, mainly because he didn’t want to wait all night just to get fucking dinner.

The filling was rather easy although we did skip the whole, put it in the oven then stir every 10 mins.  We just sauteed the fuck out of it.  Then you throw it into the food processor and make something that looks like speckled baby poop or maybe ground quail eggs.

Next up was the rolling the pasta out.  I cut it into 4 pieces and then used my patented roller / empty wine bottle to roll it out, worked great.  Then I fed it into the pasta squeezer thing that makes it thinner and I’m not sure how you do this as one person but Scooter and me got ‘er done.

At first I was going with the round ravioli method.  Seemed easy but the top of my glass drinking cup wasn’t sharp enough so switched to putting them in squares.  Scott showed me how easy it was to make them like that (even though he got lazy towards the end and was just making ravioli apples.

By this time the pasta was ready to be dropped into the boiling water and I was surprised at just how fast fresh pasta gets ready.  It said to drop the ravioli and when they float to the top you give them about 60 seconds.  I gave them 30’ish and they came out perfect (but I prefer my pasta a bit more al dente… french for not quite cooked).

We ate a few and they tasted fine by themselves but the flavor was quite strong.  The ravioli filling recipe didn’t list a sauce so I improvised with what I had on hand and did a garlic butter sauce with coriander and oregano in it.  Not bad but the flavors were too subtle to really compete against the garlic onion portobello mushroom ravioli.  I’d highly suggest pairing them with a marinara sauce and they’d be great or if you have the skill, bread them and fry them.  Holy underwear batman, that would be good.

Lesson here is that you should never be afraid to try out new dishes.  I never for once thought I could make pasta dough FROM SCRATCH (not even using a fucking mixing bowl / pasta hook).  I have a second batch of it that I froze and am looking forward to using.

You’ll never get better if you keep making the same grilled cheese over and over.

Side note… this really tears the kitchen up…







4 thoughts on “IRL: Mushroom Ravioli

  1. Shiny says:

    I find it incredibly amusing that you don’t own a rolling pin, but you DO own a pasta maker. Something about that seems just wrong. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of mushrooms and I wouldn’t be able to eat the pasta, but those raviolis looked incredible. Good for you for stepping out and trying something new! That’s what a cooking challenge is all about. 😀

  2. Xeo says:

    LOL! Yea, that doesn’t make a lot of sense does it…

    There’s gluten free flour though right? You could substitute that for the regular flour? Yea, the mushrooms were good but I think I’d rather have a cheese ravioli with a meat sauce. Next time I make the dough I’m going to reduce the flour by 1c.

  3. Shiny says:

    GF flour can be substituted for regular flour in some recipes, but it doesn’t always behave like a regular flour. It doesn’t stretch when you roll it out (that’s what the gluten does), so raviolis would be difficult to make without a special GF flour blend and some experimentation.

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