FNCCC 17 – Mario Batali

That’s right folks… it’s the mother fucking italian wonder, Mario Batali.  Not only was Mario destroying the competition on Iron Chef America he was also saving the Princess from Bowser (with the help of his brother Luigi).

Mario has one of the better bio’s of people I’ve read.  By better I mean I actually wanted to read it and I found out interesting things about Mario.  Did you know he was married and had two sons?  Did you know he doesn’t actually have formal training (ie. from a school) but he was taught by some uber chef in Mexico.  Which seems weird since he cooks italian but whateva!

Anyway I’m super stoked about Mario because he’s Italian and I eff’ing love Italian food.  I hope if you cook something with pasta (which you will) then you do something awesome like make your own pasta.  Now THAT would be in the true spirit of Mr. Batali.

Mario has a fuckton of recipes so I highly suggest using the search function to sort his recipes a bit better (ie. pasta, chicken, beef, goomba).


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