FNCCC #16 – Dave Lieberman

OMG!  I totally forgot to post the next chef… FAIL!

His name is Dave Lieberman and he has a bunch of recipes.  I’ve never seen him on the food network so no idea WTF he hosts or what his style is.

My conversation with Betsy about our new chef…

Wil says:
– Dave Lieberman
Betsy says:
– i dislike him intensely for some reason
– can’t put my finger on it
Wil says:
– Cuz he sounds like a republican.
Betsy says:
– possible
Wil says:
– But he’s the next FNCCC.
Betsy says:
– oh god.
– granted he does have some good food
– as long as i don’t have to watch him, that’s ok
Wil says:
– but he’s cute!
Betsy says:
– in that special ed.. awww.. kinda way
– wait. that’s it. he’s stupid as a box of rox
Wil says:
– …..
Betsy says:
– that’s why i hate him and you find him cute!
Wil says:
– hahahahaha


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