FNCCC #15 – Masaharu Morimoto

Well we got about halfway through it last year before I just managed to fail.  I figured with my reduced raiding schedule and less time in the WoW-verse that I should get back to this.  I rolled my random number and got Masaharu Morimoto.

Problem is he only has 5 recipes… WTF.  He’s japanese so I’m gonna do something asian inspired… maybe a stir fry!  I don’t know, I’ll search for something I’m sure.  Will make it tomorrow since I have no plans atm!  Just wanted to share with anyone else just in case they were interested in getting back into the swing of things with me (come on peer pressure)!

Maybe I can get Betsy to do this too and we could have an Iron Chef battle!  OMG that would be exciting as fuck.  Totally going to run that by her tonight and see if she’s interested.  If anyone has some main ingredient ideas then post ’em for me!


Cya tomorrow!

Note:  Just as a reminder if anyone does the challenge and needs a place to post what they did or if they’d even just like to share their pics of it I’d be happy to post them.  Email them to reztheweak@gmail.com.


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