WoW TCG Vendor: Collector’s Cache

I’ve been back into the WoW TCG since a bit after Blizzcon last year and I’m having tons of fun.  Since then I’ve made orders from several different websites and while some have been a lackluster none have actually left a bad taste in my mouth until this week.

I made a few other orders Monday with those and a couple of smaller ones last week.  By Wednesday everything from the orders had filtered in except the order from Collector’s Cache.  I was needing them by Friday so I’d have them for a tournament this coming weekend.  I don’t always get shipping information on card orders or if I do I don’t pay much attention to them because the USPS is HORRIBLE at updating it.  I checked my email though, looking for the shipping info from their site just in case and realized I didn’t have any from them.

That’s the suck, I thought.  It’s also when I got that bad feeling.

I called them up and the guy asked for my order number.  “We don’t have the sleeves you ordered in stock and we left a message on the number you left with us.”

“Uhm… what sleeves?  Did you get my order number right?”  I asked.  He plugs in the RIGHT number and there’s a pause.  Not an I’m waiting on the computer to catch up pause but more of an uhoh pause.  He told me they were out of 15 of the 20 cards I ordered.  FIFTEEN!  He told me that they must have forgotten or missed calling me on Monday.

I was pretty pissed.  How do you FORGET to call someone 4 days in a row.  They should have called me Monday or hell even Tuesday to let me know the cards were out and what I wanted to do.  He said he could ship me the 5 cards they had in stock if I wanted them.

A bit frustrated I asked if they could just hold my order then and wait for the cards to be in stock.  He said yea but the prices would change then if they had to pay more to get them in stock.  That they wouldn’t honor the prices they quoted on their website.  Pretty shitty in my opinion, especially since they dropped the ball on even following up on their own orders.

I told them to just send me what they had then and cancel the rest… and so now 5 of the 15 cards I was hoping to get are being shipped.  There was no offer to comp the shipping costs.  He made me feel like I was a burden to him and that the problem was solely mine.  I’ll have to borrow a deck to play this coming Saturday since I won’t have anything ready.

So a big fucking thanks Collector’s Cache!  I certainly won’t be doing business with you in the future.

For those looking for places to order cards there are tons of websites out there.

Troll & Toad
Cool Stuff Inc.
Warcraft Gaming Center


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