Gremlin Gnome

I know, I’ve been whining and bitching about playing WoW and how boring it is plus I’ve been saying how much I hate leveling alts… so what do I do?  I go and start an alt.  An IRL friend of mine on a icky pvp server has a lil’ guild so I figured it would be a good time to start my newest incarnation of Xeonio.

Xeonio the Gremlin Gnome.

I had originally started as a rogue because for some reason I just love rogues.  I love leveling them up but once you get to a point where you start having to chase shit down I’m pretty much done with it.

I DO NOT chase mobs.  They run off… I’m like fuck it.  They’ll come back, maybe with a hundred friends, but I don’t care… not gonna do it.

I got to around 45 when it came to the realization that his raid group (that raids on different nights than me) needs a decent healer.  Who do I know that’s a decent healer leveling a new toon?




That’s right… narcissistic me, that’s fucking who.

I started over as a goblin priest.  I LOVE the way goblins look.  Their like devious lil’ gremlins or some shit.  I like how they are small and squat but not pukey cute.  They have just the perfect mix of cute and couture that really makes my pants wiggle.

Now, here’s the shitty part about being a gremlin gnome (and possibly Worgen but I don’t know that for sure).  The opening area that you level through is some sort of phased crazy shit.  Because of this you can’t be summoned out of it and go to some place you’d much rather level in.  I utterly detest the goblin starting area and having to do it a second time… I don’t actually remember it.  The pile of wine bottles won’t tell me what happened.

The rogue I did the Undead City quest lines so this time around I was going to start out of Orgrimmar and do those.  I think I got a level or two then just said fuck it.  I’m old school… I like quests where I just go out and slay a thousand mobs or slay a thousand mobs and loot an item from them.  I’m not much into the get in a robot and cut down a tree and all that jazz.  Because of that I strolled right back over to the Undead City stuff and leveled through most of it.

Anyway I just ding’d 60 last night and I’m having quite a bit of fun with it.  I leveled mostly as shadow to 60 but I’ve found I can instant Q as a healer so I might just get to 68 doing dungeons, especially since I don’t know the quests for horde in the Outlands.


2 thoughts on “Gremlin Gnome

  1. Tashira says:

    The Outlands quests for Horde are pretty much like Alliance. Roberth and I are both playing Horde currently. *evil laugh* Welcome to the dark side.

  2. Xeo says:

    Oh ok, I might do some of the quests afterall. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed not having heirlooms. When something drops I actually get to wear it and my gear changes as I go instead of staring at the same ugly gear for level after level.

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