post 4.0.6

No, I didn’t die from my head wound as some have speculated (hoped).  I’ve just been taking a bit of a break from WoW.  I’ve enjoyed Cata but I’ve never been big on doing alts which is what this expansion seemed really geared at.  I know if I get an alt to 85 that I’m going to want to gear it and in an effort to lower WoW time… that would not be a very good thing to do.

On the flipside 4.0.6 hit…

Everyone still trying to cast a heal or a POM to make the duration on your chakra last longer?  Yep, me too!

Plus I thought my power auras was bugged when the 60 second timer came up for chakra, you’d think I never seen the patch notes before.  I have noticed how much easier it is to switch between the different chakra states which is sweeeeeeet.

The COH buff is just insane.  Those of us that use it on cooldown have found it probably doing quite a bit more healing than it previously was.  On average it is hitting for 2k more than it was plus thats more echoes of light healing!

I didn’t think I would really notice it but the mana regen nerfs are a bit more than I expected.  I noticed having to hymn / fiend a lot earlier than I’m used to.  I’m still making it to the end of the fight but it’s gonna be rough on progression fights for sure.

The thing I’m most amazed about is how even with more gear, more mana, more spellpower, and more regen… it still takes just a small snafu to really fuck your mana pool.  A bunch of people get hit with something they can avoid?  There goes a fuckton of mana to heal them back up.

How’s everyone else feeling about 4.0.6?  Liking the changes?


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