When Boy Meets Ice

Simple story really.

Boy steps on icy steps that resemble a ramp with speed bumps.

Boys right foot slips out from under him causing him to fall to his left and roll down stairs.

Boys fall is broken by head + railing.

Boy lays in the snow screaming like a lunatic (doesn’t recall blacking out).

Boy calls friend who points out that he should put ice on new swelling head wound.

Friends note boy could have just stayed laying face down in snow to prevent swelling.

Thank you friends.


7 thoughts on “When Boy Meets Ice

  1. Brigantia says:

    You should TOTALLY get a contact for your left eye that turns it red so you look like a super villain. They always have a scar from forehead to cheek through their eye and an opaque eye. Also, wear black and cackle. More than usual, I mean.

    In other news… OUCH! Sorry.

  2. Xeo says:

    @Kack: lol, no… but he is laughing at me!

    @Snoberg: hahahaha!

    @Jerilynn: Yea, it’s the headache that I’ve had for a few days now that is the worst part… well that and the massive lump that looks like I’m growing a tumor.

  3. Bimini Asheye says:

    OW! That looks wicked. I’d be worried about the headache you’ve had since you fell (and blacked out?!?!). Are you sure you don’t have a concussion? 😦

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