Raiding and Healing BoT

I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately… WoW hasn’t been lighting up my life recently but it’s still a pleasant distraction.  My guild is up to 9/12 so we are putting along nicely and I wanted to share some of my healing tips with others.

Just as a setup… Holy Priest assigned to raid healing on a 10man.

That in mind, here we go.

BoT – Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Halfus varies from week to week.  The combination of drakes can wildly change what you do.

– Storm Drake?  Means you are going to be taking a chance at getting a knockback.  Make sure to keep people around at least half life and definitely help out on tanks so there isn’t a big delay in heals if you do.

– Whelps?  They significantly decrease the damage the raid is taking so you can count on lightwell to heal them.  That means focus on the tank tanking the whelps (he is probably tanking an additional drake as well).

– Time Warden?  He makes raid damage nonexistent.  He does hit like a van filled with dynamite though so yea… guess what you do.

– Nether Scion?  Sometimes you don’t even activate this guy.  His buff is nice (makes shit miss) but it’s certainly not the highest priority thing.  He doesn’t really alter the way you heal, he just conserves your mana.

– Slate Drake?  This guy just sucks.  He’s the cause of the healing debuff.  He’ll have the most impact on where you are putting your heals.  HOPEFULLY you have some sort of damage reduction (whelps / time warden) which will allow you to shovel heals at the tanks.

BoT – Valiona / Theralion

Definitely a fight where priest AE healing shines.

Valiona on the ground: My 10man consists of only 4 melee, which makes 1 ranged have to go in their group.  I usually opt for myself since I know that I can move myself into range for a POH I throw on melee or the tank.  Ranged is usually too spread out for POH so I drop renews on them and reset the timers as often as a I can with chakra: heal.

Theralion on the ground:  Lightwell is usually nearing cooldown by the start of this phase so drop it ahead of where you are moving.  Chakra: AE is awesome but make sure to wait until you just shift so you get the full use of it.  POH on the ranged group will do a ton of healing and you will only have to drop a renew on yourself (assuming you aren’t in the ranged group).

BoT – Twilight Ascendant Council

Talk about a fight with 50 different boss abilities.

– Fire / Water: If things are going right (shield being broken quickly and interrupts on water) then you don’t have a whole lot of raid damage going out that can’t be easily picked up.  Mostly I spend my time dropping some renews and shielding (for speed) the peeps with the debuff you have to spread.  Once it’s on a few people you dispel it.

– Earth / Air: Oddly enough there isn’t a whole lot of healing.  Using COH on cooldown will heal most of the damage from tornado / gravity well.  The other attacks are almost all 1 shot’s.  I basically use this phase to regen as much mana as I can for phase 3.  Watch the earth tank though.  If he doesn’t get interrupted he’ll start hitting the tank HARD.

– Elemental Combo: Healing gets so insane in this phase it isn’t even funny.  If you haven’t blown shadowfiend and hymn of hope you should do it immediately as the phase begins… otherwise you won’t get a chance to as damage just ramps up as the phase goes on.  POM and COH should be used on cooldown.  Next up is making sure the people that get tossed up in the purple bubble get their heals.  A renew + g.heal will usually save them but only if you get a lev off on them as they fall.  A player falls for about 30% of their HP at that height so just look at lev as a super cheap heal on them.  Divine Hymn can help… I guess… I’m really losing faith in this spell.  Tranquility is a hundred times better.


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