Caster v. Healer Weapon

Blizzard decided to create a conflict in the hush-hush corners of whispers and special channels.  Why?  I don’t know, probably some sadist item designer that wanted to put another two cocks in the hen house and see the fall out.

If you are a healer you’ve probably already noticed that the ONLY caster MH with spirit drops off Nefarion.  Now, I’m not sure about you but it’s probably unlikely you are killing him already.  You have probably killed the first couple of bosses in all the zones though.

There are multiple caster weapons from the various bosses but the problem is that none of them have spirit.  Healer’s don’t want to take a dagger that has no spirit on it but if we want to upgrade… then we have to.

So suck it up casters.

Raid Weapons

1.  Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King – Nefarion
– Last boss in Blackwing Descent
– Spirit / Mastery

This is the only REAL healer weapon that exists.  It’s the only MH that has spirit on it.  Holding out for this means you could be waiting A LONG time.

2.  Incineratus – Magmaw
– 1 of 2 opening bosses in Blackwing Descent
– Haste / Mastery

A very good choice for upgrade from your heroic healing weapon.  You could reforge either of those to spirit (depending on what you want more) but I’d just go without.

3.  Blade of the Witching Hour – Valiona / Theralion
– 2nd boss in Bastion of Twilight
– Mastery / Crit (crit needs to be reforged into useful haste or mastery)

The dagger that I am currently wearing.  I jumped on it when it dropped without thinking it through.  I should have passed to a caster or another healer because crit is pretty useless for holy priests.  It’s still a nice upgrade over a heroic item though so don’t let this baby rot.

4.  Twilight’s Hammer – Cho’gall
– 4th Boss in Bastion of Twilight
– Haste / Crit (crit needs to be reforged into useful haste or mastery)

An awesome looking mace but similar to the Blade of the Witching Hour it has crit as one of its two bonus stats.  Plus Cho’gall isn’t going to be a pushover so it’s likely you’ll upgrade before you even see this weapon.

5’ish.  Stormwake the Tempest’s Reach? – Al’akir
– Last boss in Throne of the Four Winds

It’s actually a sword with a random enchant which makes it totally not healer at all.  The sword can have spirit on it though which makes me ask… wtf?  Maybe Al’akir does have a mace or dagger that can have the random spirit enchant.  Fingers crossed!

Currently you can enchant your OH with 100 intellect.  That makes wearing a staff just a silly idea.  You’d need to be upgrading from low 80 greens for a staff to be better than a MH / OH combo.

That said… they are changing it.  It’s being nerf’d to 40 intellect which helps to make that staff more viable.


1.  Chelley’s Staff of Dark Mending – Trash BoT
– Uhm… any trash mob in Bastion of Twilight
Spirit / Mastery

A very decent staff with pretty good stats.  The nice thing about picking this staff up is that you don’t have to spend the gold on an OH enchant and you don’t have to pickup an OH.

Chelley’s v. Andoros + Scepter of Ice + 40int OH enchant

+7 stamina
-35 intellect
+4 spirit
+1 spellpower
+4 mastery

Not too bad a trade off at all.

2.  Staff of Ammunae – Archaeology
– Spirit / Crit (crit needs to be reforged into useful haste or mastery)

I hate Archaeology so no chance I’ll ever own this.  It has a bit more spirit than the Dark Mending staff (19) but gives crit rather than haste or mastery making it subpar in my opinion.  It would hold you over for raiding though if you find it.

3.  Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan – Archaeology
– Haste / Crit (crit needs to be reforged into useful haste or mastery)

Now, I’m not a lore buff but I thought Thane was a Death Knight?

Anyway this has NO spirit on it and is silly Archaeology.  I’m torn on this but reforging the crit to spirit gets you about 91 spirit.  Would I wear this over a heroic MH / OH… only if I felt my mana regen was more than sufficient.

Off Hand

1.  Heartbound Tome – World Drop
– Any heroic can drop it randomly off trash.  WoWHead says world drop but I’ve only seen it in dungeons.
– Spirit / Mastery

The choice between this and the Scepter comes down to if you want to spend gold or whatever type of loot system your guild uses (pts, priority, or god forbid /random).  Personally I like the tome more simply because of the additional spirit (I’m a mana regen whore).

2.  Scepter of Ice – Ascendant Council
– 3rd boss in Bastion of Twilight
– Spirit / Mastery

Almost exactly the same as the Heartbound Tome but trades some spirit for more mastery (-7 spirit +13 mastery).


So yea… looks like I’ve mostly derailed from my original reason for posting.  My point is that you shouldn’t feel bad about picking up a caster weapon early in the game to make yourself a better healer.

You literally have 1 option for a main-hand upgrade.  If the caster gets angry, then punch them in their face, send them to this post to show them the light!


5 thoughts on “Caster v. Healer Weapon

  1. Thanks! Just what I needed. I was just pondering what weps I should be looking for when you make this nice and simple list. Now I know exactly 🙂

  2. Conifer says:

    Spirit is a healer stat – no one is going to argue that. But when I look at the armory of my idol, Xaar – Paragon’s raiding resto druid:

    You can see that he has reforged OUT of spirit. He’s pulling spirit off his gear in favor of haste at every opportunity.

    1) This probably means that spirit needs a buff for resto druids
    2) I should not feel bad about taking an item with no spirit when there are not “healer” items that are just as easily obtainable.

  3. Xeo says:

    @Zinn: 🙂

    @Con: That would be a neat topic to explore but I think gearing like a paragon healer would be extremely detrimental. They are max’ing DPS and also max’ing throughput. Fights don’t last very long for them so spirit is a mostly dead stat. Pumping out the healing is far more important to them than lasting for a long fight.

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