MOAR Chakra talk

There’s a few points I want to bitch talk about in regards to Chakra so let’s see if I can get them out in an organized, non-ADHD way.

1.  I HATE the graphic for Chakra.  In lots of fights there are snare traps from hunters or gas clouds or all sorts of random shit happening and if you play with maxed graphics it’s VERY easy to not see your chakra runes.  You also have the fact that they disappear for a few seconds and I’ve thought several times before that my Chakra has fallen off.

I’d be VERY appreciative if I turned golden or purple or if the runes circled around me (off the ground) or something.

2.  Last week Blizzard announced…

For Holy priests, we’re increasing Chakra’s duration and changing Surge of Light so it can now benefit from Flash Heal and Greater Heal and can crit.

…I know they are trying really hard not to give us a holy form… but I think we all see where this is going.  Anyone remember how Innerfire used to have charges?  Eventually this is simply going to be two seperate buffs that you rotate between (which I’m fine with).  I do love Chakra, I just don’t like the minigame of keeping it up.

The timer buff should help a bit (not sure how long it is) with Sanctuary since keeping it up is extremely difficult.  In 10mans I find POH isn’t often needed so all you have is POM to keep the Chakra buff up and POM can’t keep it up by itself sadly.

3.  I’m not all full of seething anger today though!  I’m really loving the intricacies of Chakra.  You keep a buff up that adds to the healing you do, but it doesn’t become what you are… that make sense?  You can easily heal without using Chakra but learning to use it, and use it well, makes HUGE differences.

4.  [Reserved for that thought I had but lost because of…]

Completely off topic… WoMatticus is doing a podcast now.  They have a podcast topic that gets discussed by the peeps that visit the site and my comment managed to make it into the podcast at the 48min mark!  /GLEE!  He even pronounced my name right… /strut.

/le sigh

My thoughts are way off track now as the tiny bit of notoriety really puts some wind in my sails.  On the topic of lightwell though its ridiculously amazing and you should be using it.  If people aren’t using it then they fail and you should yell at them.


8 thoughts on “MOAR Chakra talk

  1. Xeo says:

    lol! It was hilarious because you were talking about all these hard names and you hit mine spot on. No one EVER gets it right and you just rolled up in your caddy and hit it on the nose.

  2. Xeo says:

    Really? Do you find it as efficient as it used to be? I was having a lot of trouble raid healing with it since renew is gimped so much as disc and bubble spam isn’t really practical anymore. Do they put you on tank healing mainly?

  3. Jenny Z says:

    I haven’t noticed it being gimped, but it’s been loooong since I healed raids. I do mainly 5 mans now, for the moment.I pretty much just stack bubble, mending, renew, and then Penance or Gheal as needed. My mana has been crap since the expansion, but I chalk that up to bad leveling gear.

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