Mountain o’ Mounts (100/100)

Yesterday I took a look back on my journey to a hundred mounts, just a few months shy of a two year process for me.  The release of Cataclysm has a plethora of new mounts to obtain, some being easier than others.  I only needed one though and so the farming began.

The easiest and coolest looking were the camels of course from the Cattaur’s in Uldum.  Luckily there was something useful from exalted or poor Kray would have a shit fit.

I really like the camels for the, ‘I can’t be bothered to care’ attitude.  It would be awesome if they sat down if you idled for too long or even better if they would just sit down while you were riding them.

WoWHead has a great writeup on all the new Cata mounts and there is a grey camel but I doubt I’ll ever end up with it.  I haven’t done long camps since I got my legendary (or whatever it was called) back in Everquest.

But that beautiful could careless camel put me at my 100.

It’s crazy seeing something that started 3.2.09 finally coming to fruition.  I’m not really a fan of the blue dragonhawk sadly.  I think they are pretty in smaller forms but once the model increases in size you lose a lot of the texturing and it looks… grainy.

And that’s it, now I have to find a new achievement to go after for a few more years lol!  Maybe I’ll make guild achievements a priority…


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