This past Saturday I was logged out of WoW… so I could go play WoW.  The trading card game version of it.  I used to play Magic the Gathering along time ago but it was just too expensive to play and I sold everything I had to start playing the WoW TCG (its way cheaper to play).

I used some of the sellings to pre-order 2 boxes of the newest set, Worldbreaker, and as you know the WoW TCG has loot cards in the packs (not every pack mind you).  The loot cards have scratch offs on them and you can use that code in game to get an item.  There’s all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, the newest set has Landro’s Lil’ XT as a loot card and I got a couple.

This being the holiday season I wanted to share and I’m going to be giving away one this week.

To Enter: Reply to this post with your favorite thing about the Cataclysm (NOT as an anonymous user lawl).

Cutoff: 12.24.10 Noon, CST (that’s right, convert your time zones into mine bitches!)

Winning: Randomly selected from the qualifying entries.  I’ll contact you via the email you use in the reply to get you the code (can send you the whole card as well if you want it).  Winner will be announced uhm… after the cutoff that day!

Note:  You don’t have to be on a specific server for this to work, it will work on any server.  Links from your blog to this post will also count as a bonus entry for you.


23 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Psion says:

    My favorite thing about cataclysm is that I’m getting pretty good as a healer now for instant queue instances. I’ve had two whispers from other shammies asking how I manage my mana so well, and I really have no clue lol.

  2. D says:

    My favorite thing about Cataclysm is Guild Advancement. I like thinking that I’m contributing to the greater good in my own little way…killing a few critters here and there, disenchanting stuff, questing with my alt army of slowbies. I know there’s a messy and ugly side to it, but I really do like feeling like I can help the guild without being max level and raid-ready.

  3. Shiny says:

    Favorite thing about the cataclysm…hmmm. Well, I love all the new questlines and the new quests in old zones. I like my new seahorse mount! I think I’m most addicted to the new profession of archaeology. Reminds me of surveying in Star Wars Galaxies to find the best places for harvesters and such…very addictive. Can’t wait until I have more time to devote to it.

  4. Kackler says:

    (let the ass kissing commence) i love Cata because of you xeo. you came back to wow to play cata and its been great seeing you’re dwarven ass around azeroth. lol. but overall i enjoy the actual level of skill required to play this game now. no more tank and spank wrath dungeons and bosses, people actually have to be aware of what they are doing in able to succeed. though the majority of people seem to suck, at least they are learning how to play well enough to make me happy.

  5. I love the way the quests flow in the old world now. I restarted with a dwarf mage, and it has been SO much fun leveling her up just by solo questing. I’m NOT a person who likes solo questing, but with the way the quest lines flow, it’s great!

  6. Aphiske says:

    My favorite thing about Cataclysm? It is SO much easier to make gold now. I was in the market throughout Wrath, and it was easy then, but markets were dying off, competition was ruthless… but now, it’s so easy to dominate a market. I love it.

    I’m already working for getting the Sandstone Drake (man, I want him SO bad), have already gotten the mount from Aeonaxx, and am wandering around Uldum looking for the Camel. Just there is SO many new things, the game isn’t boring anymore, and I have new mounts to go after. It’s exciting!

  7. Bimini Asheye says:

    The best thing about Cata to me is the humor. So many little, and not so little, funny things have been added into the game. Quest names and text, NPC emotes and cutscene all portray Blizz’s sense of humor.
    Back in vanilla, there were funny things here and there, but it still felt serious overall. Things have seemed to lighten up a bit with each expansion, and the humor is currently at its peak. That’s not to say that we don’t see gravity in the stories any longer; we do. Azeroth reminds me, more than ever, of Discworld, as both are tongue-in-cheek fantasy worlds that have life-or-death plots underlying all the silliness. It certainly makes questing more fun than ever.

  8. ambient says:

    My two specialties in the game are jewelcrafting and collecting mounts, so I’m very excited for new additions to my old favorites. I’m also a big fan of the redesign of the old-world quests (riding shotgun on a kodo caravan to the Crossroads beats the pants off the old 5-minutes jog), can’t wait until I have the time to really focus on alts!

  9. Haabda says:

    I love how the questlines make you feel like you are actually affecting the world. I have been thoroughly drawn into the story.

  10. God, this is a tough question…. There is a LOT to love about Cataclysm. I guess I mostly just love everything being new and hard again. I like when the game requires you to put forth actual effort. Learning new boss encounters has always been my favorite thing and the fact that we have three new raid zones right off the bat means I get to do plenty of that! I also love that everyone is equal again. I know a lot of people who raid like I do get all QQ when their purplez are replaced by quest greens, but I love it! I love the fresh start and I love that it’s back to square one for EVERYONE. Raiding’s never been about the purples for me, so I love getting to vendor them two levels into an expansion!

  11. My favorite part about Cata so far was definitely when I got a Horse and Carriage (minus the horse) not only thrown at me, but used as a giant hammer by a really pissed of Worgen in the Crucible of Carnage.

    After 20+ hours straight of dungeoning after release, this definitely was the cherry on top.

    -Eil ❤

  12. Jerilynn says:

    My favorite thing so far has been leveling my Worgen hunter. The starting area was just superb, and the revamped old-world areas are awesome. I’m particularly liking the “caravan” through Eastern Plaguelands 😀

  13. Tenatia says:

    Probably my favourite thing so far has been the re-imagined Stormwind. It’s like an artist’s rendition of the city we all knew so well. The same, yet so very different. From the subtle colour/angle changes to the entirely new sections of the city. It’s fun to explore it again, for the first time after 6 years!

  14. leneliesvoice says:

    They changed the world and advanced the story significantly enough that it motivated my husband to clear up his hacked account issues, resubscribe and buy Cata + authenticator. Something I wasn’t sure short of a miracle would happen. Behold the power of goblins!

    He loves wandering through the world he leveled in at launch and playing it from a different point of view all together. And I love that I have my favorite person to play with back. Win win!

  15. Tashira says:

    My favorite thing is the new quest lines and seeing how the world has changed. Looking forward to progressing into the new content as well.

  16. CyberKender says:

    I like the increased detail. Not just the graphics improvements, but how much more detail there is in the world, the quests, the lore, and the subtle references.

  17. Siliana says:

    My favorite thing about Cata is how everyone is on a level playing field again. I only got into raiding at the end of WotLK, and so I found it extremely difficult to catch up, and get geared. Right now, everyone is starting over from scratch, and I intend to be up at the top for the entire expansion. People have to learn new mechanics, gear up, stop being Wrathnoobs, and just generally get everything together, and I’m right up there with them.

  18. FlikFlik says:

    I like how the quests in a zone are one continuous story line. It makes it much easier to make that late night push if I have a little extra interest in the zone/story itself.

  19. damangron says:

    No time for love Dr. Jones! The VERY long and well planed Harrison Ford quest line may have been the most fun I’ve had solo in WoW, ever! I’m more of an instance/raid kind of guy and in the past whenever I’ve gotten a quest I usually accept it without reading and follow questhelpers advice on what to do. But Cata has me doing things in a whole new way…following quest lines, not dropping annoying quests, longing and waiting for the next step in a seemingly never ending adventure. The phasing seems to be helpful, as it’s hardly ever a problem to kill a named mob, he’s always there ready to die by my sword 🙂 I love it!

  20. Rhuric says:

    The thing I love most about Cataclysm is the redone quest lines in old world. I used to be one of those people who hated questing, and only did it when I had to. Now, I am leveling up another toon, so I can see the new (old) area’s again. Thousand Needles was the best part of leveling, with your own boat, and a scuba suit with rocket boots on it. Also, flying in Stormwind, seeing the city from a new angle, very cool.

  21. Winteros says:

    Favorite part had to have been the first trip into Hyjal, when you’re flying on the dragon and pass by the Fire Temple (not it’s actual name but you know what I mean) and Rags pops up, saw it on Beta but even seeing it again it was still just as awesome and epic as the first time. Also the fight against him was great. A close second to that would be that Xeo came back and I get to bug him again hahaha (Do I get bonus points for that?)

  22. Ravioli says:

    My favorite thing about Cataclysm are the new Rated BGs. It lets my guild work as a group to conquer members of the opposing team, and actually get recognition for it through rating and conquest points. Unlike previously just receiving honor for destroying a pug with our premade in a BG.

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