Initial Raiding Thoughts

After reaching 85 and pushing to get heroic geared (only lacking a few pieces now) I went ahead and led some raids this past Sunday.  You could call them exploratory since I only had the faintest glimmer of killing an actual boss.

To quote one of my raiders, “This certainly isn’t naxx.”

Rough points of interest…

1.  When they say they are tuned for heroic geared players they aren’t friggin’ kidding.  When we tried these places our tanks were probably around iLvl 333 (heroic is 346).  You can really notice it in heroics when you are healing and the difference between 333 and 346 is about 20k hp.

2.  The healing changes really require people to pay more attention.  An accidental hit for 20-30k will cost a healer 3-6k mana.

The Throne of the Four Winds

I had thought I read this was the easiest of the 3 zones to start with but I’d definitely have to disagree with it.  There is no trash, you jump right into the first boss, The Conclave of Wind.  They are similar to the Four Horsemen in that you have lots of group switches.  They also have to be killed within 60 seconds of each other (there’s 3 of them).

There is sooooooo much going on in this fight and it doesn’t help to be slightly undergeared.  I’d save this one until you have a bit of epic gear cushioning.

It is fun though, crazy and lots of moving.  Easily as fun as the first time you saw the 4 horsemen and people were running around in circles and you had no idea wtf was going on.

The Bastion of Twilight

We spent 2 hours wiping on the Conclave of Wind that when we killed our first trash group in the Bastion we all cheered.  We were also hoping for trash loot but didn’t get any (sad panda).  We got to the first boss who has a random assortment of abilities that is kind of crazy.  It’s a really weird fight.

You have Halfus the main guy and he has a protodrake (WTF?!) that spits fire and does an AE fire breath.  You tank Halfus but can’t do shit to the proto, not that it matters since Halfus has friggin’ 32 MILLION hp.  There are also 5 mobs that look imprisoned around the mob.  It seems you can release some of them for bonus effects… BUT when you release the helpfulings he MCs ’em so you just have to OT ’em.  Plus Halfus has some AE that has to be interrupted and you have to dodge fireballs and then there’s firebreath and depending on the drake you could have tornados (they seem popular this expansion) or whelpling adds or omg so much going on!

Tons of things going on seems to be a common theme.

Black rock wing depths caverns descent…

I’m sure at some point I’ll get the name of this zone right, around the time of the next xpac probably.  There’s 1 trash pack up to Omnitron Defense and 2 trash packs up to Magmaw.

Omni’s trash is relatively easy but you need to spread the heck out cuz of the cone lightning that randomly targets.  The two trash mobs have a combined HP of 11mil… ELEVEN MILLION.  That’s insane.

Omnitron Defense System is a pretty cool encounter, I’d say it is also the easiest of all the starting bosses of the 3 zones.  It’s a council fight and they all share the same HP.  You have Toxitron, Arcanotron, Electron, and Magmatron.  Each of them have different abilities and I think they can randomly be selected, you will have 2 up at a time.  The mechanics are relatively easy, its when they start to combine that it gets crazy.

Arcanotron leaves a blue circle that you can stack everyone on for DPS increase and mana regen… but Electron has an AE cone for 60k so that would be bad.  Toxitron has a damage taken increased poison cloud but manuevering a boss into it could be deadly if the tank starts getting hit by Arcanotrons arcane barrages.  They have 32 million but it’s a ton of fun and by far the easiest of all of them I think.

We also tried Magmaw… well, we spent 40 mins trying to clear Magmaw’s trash and 20 mins wiping to Magmaw.

1 mob… relatively easy, he’s kind of a setup and fake out for the next pair.

The next pair:

A) has to be killed roughly the same time
B) will charge the person farthest away from it, stun them, and AE them to death
C) thunderclaps for 50-60k
D) will MESS YOU UP!

We finally got it down and split them up by having the tanks be the farthest they could from each other (both with backs to the wall).  The mobs charge runs out before they get there and the tanks can actually tank the AE dmg.  We stuck all the DPS on one tanks mob (so when the mob ran across the room to the other tank they both went down roughly the same).  Then you just split DPS at the end to finish ’em off.

Magmaw… holy healing cow bells.  All three healers were OOM by the time he hit 90% so yea…  He spits fire, he hits hard, he spawns adds that spawn more adds when they hit someone.  You have to climb on him and smack his head into some spike that increases damage taken (we never got to this point).  There’s more damage going around than you can shake a wooly rhino at.


I love it.

I haven’t had fun raiding like this since TBC.  The optimist in me says yea have fun with it!  The pessimist in me says it’ll be nerf’d next patch (especially heroics).  The difficulty level was seriously ramped up (mainly as a response to the severe lack of healer efficiency).  The game is forgiving in that you can get hit with some of the random AEs and live long enough to get a heal… but the healers don’t want to waste vital mana to do it.  Being a melee DPS right now is the shits yo, all the bosses / mobs really hate you.  REALLY HATE YOU.

You know a game is difficult when Tankspot posts guides to killing bosses in not only heroics but in normal modes as well (I know they’ve always done raids but I’m not really sure about dungeons actually).


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