Cata Random Thoughts

I realize this post is a bit late but I’m waiting on some friends to finish their heroic so I can join the group and figured I’d start this post up… no idea when I’ll actually publish it.

I hit 85 in under 36 hours, certainly nowhere near the world first people but still very good.  Only one guildie beat me and she did it in under 24.

So…Let’s see… random thoughts.

1.  Not staggering the starting times like they did in LK made for silly busy opening areas.  The only people advancing were those with fast computers to see the stuff spawning.

2.  Storyline in Hyjal was pretty awesome.

3. Kraylessa says, “When I woke up the other day it took me like 5 minutes to figure out what day it was.”

4.  Disc feels extremely inferior to Holy (cept for the fact your MP looks like a tanks HP).

5.  Random helpful blue post for alchemists.

We’ve recently seen a few questions regarding the functionality of Transmute: Living Elements and whether or not its effects are truly random. There’s definitely some behind-the-scenes magic to this particular transmute, so we wanted to provide a bit more explanation on how it works.

Typically, when you use Transmute: Living Elements, you will receive 14-16 random Volatile elements (Volatile AirVolatile EarthVolatile Water, or Volatile Fire) in exchange for 15 Volatile Life. If you use this transmute while in one of the new Cataclysm zones associated with the Elemental Planes, however, the element into which your Volatile Life will transform will be predetermined. For example, if you use Transmute: Living Elements while in Uldum, you will always receive Volatile Air for your efforts.

Here’s a list of the affected zones and their corresponding Volatile elements:

Additionally, alchemists with Transmutation specialization will always receive bonus Volatile elements when completing this transmute. The bonus will be random, though, regardless of which zone you are in.

6.  Heroic Commander Springervale > you… skip him.

7.  Why is a shadow priests best AE holy nova?

8.  New Raids are so much fun, it’s not even funny.

9.  How did I miss the memo that said tanks will have 150k BUT your heals will only do 15k and cost 4 times as much?  Srsly… healers got fucked this xpac.  Welcome to rotations.

10.  Raids are fun as fuck now.

10a.  The Throne of the Four Winds > Twilight Bastion > Blackwing Descent (in difficulty).

11.  Spirit is your god… all hail spirit and mana regen!

….more to come later!  I have to work 68hrs this next week to make up for Cata release week so I should have SEVERAL posts lol.


One thought on “Cata Random Thoughts

  1. My random Cata thoughts:

    1. Deepholm looks amazing
    2. Rep tabards are one of the best things ever invented
    3. Healing is fucking hard and I am tempted to just level my Mage
    4. Heroics are like raids now… they last forever. I had a Heroic Halls of Origin that went on so long trash respawned and we only took one or two attempts to kill every boss except the chick at the top that splits herself.
    5. Raiding is so fun! It’s an accomplishment to just kill the trash and get a bos to 90%.

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