Change is in the Air

Can you feel it?  It’s the anxiety that’s in the air as 11 million + people can’t wait for the Cataclysm.  Some of you are going to start your new Worgens (Den) or finish leveling up your new dwarven mages (Betsy).  Others, like myself, will be taking a few days off to push the grind to stupid levels.  We will be pushing for 85 by Friday to get in a weekend of raiding.

The biggest change though… what I’ll be doing in the Cataclysm.

I don’t want to do 25man raiding.  I’m totally against it.  The problem is most of my best friends in game are healers.  I made a few new healing friends in Cata, Conifer and Kray, who have been with me pretty much since the beginning of LK.  They’ve been healing their asses off and when I left Relentless they came with me.

At the time it was going to be those two plus myself healing and I figured with the push in content we’d almost always need a 3rd healer.  That didn’t bother me too much plus it gave us a diverse healing crew.  The problem of being that I had to leave behind Shiningstar (and her husband, Adnar) to do this.  Shindig and Addy had been with me since 8.8.08… that’s a long time to have someone as a devoted raider!  They’ve never been able to join guild since their kids play on the accounts and well… any guild of mine is barely safe for adults in chat.

Plus I already had 2 tanks and 3 healers for my 10man so how do I fit in a 3rd tank and 4th healer?!

I checked with Kahnti who’s switching to his DK to tank in Cata to see if he just wanted to DPS.  He always loves DPS cuz it allows his epeen to get super big when he does silly damage.  He was like… yea ok.  Bam, that gave me the opening I needed for Addy and put my 10man group to 9.  Next was to poke Shindig.

She was rather sure she wasn’t going to play a DPS toon.  I didn’t ask Conifer cuz he’s easily confused.  He stumbled around for days after he lost treeform.  The next person on the list was Kray.  She was my only real hope since her feelings towards toons was based in the overall accomplishment and not in the toon itself.  Problem being of course that she enjoyed healing like I do.  Paladin, druid, shaman, and priest alts… all healers.

I weighed my options, it only left one person who could switch to DPS and allow Shindig in.  The problem of course is that I pay a lot of attention to whats going on and I find it easiest to heal and look at everything else.  When I DPS I get into the zone.  I’m super worried about being able to DPS (effectively) and still lead a raid.  The last thing I need is Kahnti trying to epeen slap me cuz he did three times my damage.  Plus how bad does that look if you are the weak link in your own raid?!

I’m gonna stick with priest though and just go shadow.  I’ll still get to heal in randoms but not in raid.  We’ll see how it goes!

Sidenote:  Does this mean I have to change my banner… AGAIN?!


21 thoughts on “Change is in the Air

  1. Conifer says:

    The more versatility the better. I do plan on having both a resto spec and a balance spec. And I think there are times when we all get burnt out on healing and just want to mindlessly DPS for a week or two. This will allow us to switch out when we have things on farm and such.

    I do want to thank you for making the sacrifice though. The core 10-man you have put together is ripe with diversity and versatility and I think we have a good chance to go very far together.

    I can’t wait. I have 2 “5-hour energies” sitting by the computer waiting for tonight. I’m going to take a nap this afternoon so I am ready for tonight!

  2. Xeo says:

    You should totally WRITE A POST about why you aren’t happy about Cata raiding. Seriously though, why do you not like it?

  3. Xeo says:

    I never get burnt out on raid healing! DPS will be neat though, especially when I get to redesign my UI so I can get rid of all the useless healer shit.

    It’s not that big of a deal switching, changes are always good right? But I am going to milk this for all its worth so plan on FEELING BAD for at least a few months /nod.

    I’ll have vent up and running tonight so we can talk w/o having to type!

  4. KAckler says:

    Sidenote: Does this mean I have to change my banner… AGAIN?!

    where the shit is my banner i made?!?!?!

    side note, are we raiding our 10 man on the weekend? cata is coming out at such a rough time… its miracle week at my school (it will make or break you in projects haha) and i wont have time to play until thursday. i think blizzard totally wants college students to fail out so they can play wow more and more hahahhaa

  5. KAckler says:

    plus finals exam week starts next tuesday… but i should be ok then, since i dont have any REAL finals, just presentations and final tests

  6. Tagra says:

    I will write a post about why *I* am unexcited about cataclysm raiding!

    Actually I am not unexcited about it because I will still enjoy the raids, but the fucking-over of the hunter class (Cobra shot has made it better, but it was so ridiculously NOT FUN to play at 80 that I was considering not even bothering with Cata… I’m still hoping for more tweaks) combined with the fucking-over of small guilds (and by extension with the 75% guild member limit, the raiding prospects of anyone who is not in an established raid guild or not raiding with their current guild) has made me uninterested in the expansion as a whole.

    There are so many ways they could have done everything and not made it shitty for small guilds and alliances, but no. Not having to worry about 25 mans is nice though I guess. 10 man is so much more controlled and easier to relax in.

    Anyway, good luck guys, I know you’ll do awesome!

  7. Xeo says:

    I don’t think its that bad for small guilds. You can only earn so much each day (and its a very tiny amount easily gained) so small guilds (like mine for example) hasn’t had any problems hitting the XP cap each day.

    The hunter changes I don’t know anything about though. I know I’m still seeing high DPS from hunters in equal gear with other DPS so that’s what I’m most worried about!

  8. Xeo says:

    You should work on being heroic geared by Friday this coming week. The exploratory runs this past Sunday showed how vital that heroic gear is. The stuff is totally doable but it needs that extra gear to help push it over the edge (ESPECIALLY for tanks).

  9. Tagra says:

    Our definitions of “small guild” are not compatible. You have a guild capable of fielding 75% of a 10 man raid. We did not.
    We’re RL friends who have stuck together through 12 years of MMOs. We would do 5 man content together then help other guilds when it came time to raid. Now, even if we were’nt interested in raid achievements (which we are :/) it would still hurt our raiding prospects because raid slots are even more limited and hard to get by outsiders than they were before.
    We’ve been forced out of our guild and joined one with about 15 people in it. This is still a small guild but it isn’t completely fucked for 10 man raids. Still fucked for 25 though, but fortunately we don’t need to worry about 25.
    I don’t mind levelling slowly. We would have enjoyed the challenge. The guild perks aren’t so ridiculously good that we would be at a disadvantage, and it would be fun to work for the milestones. Being excluded from raid achievements and potentially raiding itself because of this system makes me bitter. It’s not like the achievements actually offer an advantage, so I’m confused as to why they need to guild cap raids. I realize it wouldn’t be a “guild raid” if the raid wasn’t a majority of people from that guild, but so what if we get a guild achievement with one fucking person from that guild in the raid, does it really hurt? They’re adding flexible raid locks and all sorts of shit to allow people to help other people out, and then they do this. I don’t get it.

    I could also rant about hunters but we’d be here all day… But I will say DPS is irrelevant if it’s not fun to play :/. I also can’t believe they removed a bunch of abilities, but I ended up with MORE abilities to hotkey. What the hell? I was already out of mouse buttons goddammit!

    The rotation for survival became not-obnoxious once I got cobra shot, but the margin for error seems ridiculously tight. If I fuck up and hit the wrong key I fuck myself over for the minute or so of combat. This is not all that much fun.
    I had some high hopes for BM since the pet buffs would be cool for 10 man, but then they made KC the “signature” attack of it… and then made it cost an assload of focus, do LESS damage than arcane shot which costs half as much focus (what), and require the pet to be in melee range before it will queue so it becomes annoying to use even if you do decide to blow focus on it. I like the focus generating abilities of BM but I feel completely impotent playing it.
    MM has an obnoxious rotation that relies on steady shot to cause procs, and steady shot is worse in every single way than Cobra shot. /facepalm.
    Still hoping for more tweaks though.

  10. Xeo says:

    First of all, why don’t you have a fucking blog yet?!

    OIC What you mean, yea… that really sucks. If I hadn’t been able to form a guild capable of doing 10 man achievements I would have definitely been forced to join someone elses guild and not be a free agent.

    ZOMG yes, I’m REALLY out of buttons and have had to create new hotkeys. It’s confusing as fuck because I moved some stuff and then I forget some abilities even exist until after someone is dead. I’m trying to go shadow and yea the rotations definitely seem… crazy.

  11. Tagra says:

    I don’t have a blog because I’d only bitch about things in it and no one wants to read that.

    Also this is timely for our small guild discussion:

    Quest exp nerfed to only give 1/4 to the guild. I figured hitting the cap was going to be a bitch once everyone in a smaller guild hit 85 and stopped questing all day, but it might start getting tough before that…

  12. Xeo says:

    You don’t bitch about everything and you never know, you’d get at least one reader! Con and Kray bitch a lot too, they’d probably read it. Call it QQA (QQers Anonymous) or something.

    I don’t think that nerf is as big as it looks. The amount of XP it takes is pretty low plus don’t you get XP for things other than doing quests? If not then it’s not even possible to get guild XP at lvl 85?

  13. Xeo says:

    I totally lost the link to your banner so you need to post it on the guild forums nub. Plus there were some changes I needed made to it so that it would work.

  14. Tagra says:

    We had three people in a random dungeon, but didn’t get any exp for it because it did not meet the 75% requirement for a guild group.

    So even people logging on and doing a quick daily in their free time are essentially *hurting* the guild, because they’re not doing their daily in a guild group and therefore missing out on the guild exp. /facepalm

  15. Xeo says:

    Yea, they are certainly making it tough on smaller guilds. Even with the gold income from the quests and stuff going into guild bank it’ll be rough just getting enough influx for repairs.

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