Christmas Child

Have you ever met people that are so nice it makes you sick?  Well, I’m surrounded by those types of people.  I think it’s natures way of canceling out my seething hatred for all things living.  Every once in awhile though someone does something so nice though my heart thaws for a few moments and the clouds part, the Earth warms a bit and birds sing.

But it quickly returns to doom and gloom and I eat those birds that won’t STFU.

Two of my very good ingame friends, Adnar and Shindig, have adopted me as a Christmas child this year.  What’s an x-mas child you ask?  Well, what you do is you get a shoe box and fill it full of things that needy person needs.  Then you wrap it up and mail it to ’em!

Shindig (and family) took pity on me last year as I had no Christmas tree, and I probably wasn’t going to have one this year.  They found me a Christmas tree, put it in a shoe box and sent it to me.

It’s the most adorable x-mas tree I’ve ever seen.  They even sent some of that stuff that wraps around the tree and makes it pretty (garland?).  The best part though are the candy canes that were included, I know those had to have been pried from Shindig’s fingers.  She is ALWAYS talking about them and how she eats them year round but she has to stock up at x-mas since it’s the only time you can get them.

The tree is also positioned in a great place so that all can revel in its glory.  I’ve tried to find a string of lights for it but I’m afraid the tree can’t support it.  Maybe I’ll just wrap them around the pedestal?

Thank you Addy and Shindig and Cady and Jordan (I promise not to rat you out again!)!



One thought on “Christmas Child

  1. Addy says:

    It’s nice to have a Christmas-child you know for once. All these other times the box just goes away and you never know it’s story.

    Glad you liked it and that it is so prominently displayed.

    I also like how you have to search for the right words to describe the decorations. Garland? Haha.

    Merry Christmas, Xeo.

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