Sundering Subtypes

Have you been sitting on your bank alt, watching guild chat scroll by and noticed something strange? Maybe you were tinkering around on a new toon and you got a tingle when you stepped through the haze of new. No, it’s not puberty or your herpes flaring up, its new ways of playing WoW.

Several new stereotypes seem to have spawned in the WoW universe since the Cataclysm rocked the world.

1. Nerd Hoarders – As the name implies they are massing nerd points for the day they can be turned in to win the game. They are usually quiet people, so engrossed in finishing quests their text scrolls by in streaks. Even when you do get them to talk it seems like a foreign language. Those not native to the land of achievements might not have any idea what they are talking about.

Since the coming of the Cataclysm they have been exceedingly easy to spot. Almost all of them can be found in a zone no level 80 should be for more than a few minutes. Your guild main tank running around in Wetlands for the last 2 hours… yep, he’s a nerd hoarder.

2. Alt-Keeper: Since the shaking of the barrens you might have noticed some peoples mains no longer exist. These people existed long before the Cataclysm but were only talked about in hushed corners or whispered about on blogs.

They are a new breed of altaholics birthed from the Cataclysm. They have replaced those mains with a gaggle of alts bearing similar names. They multiply the number of toons in your guild and spam your chatbox with character hopping.

3. Zombies: This one is pretty self explanatory. Zombies are the people you haven’t seen in months. They were dead, buried and gone. They weren’t coming back to WoW but the Sundering has split open those graves and people are flooding back in faster than the Wetlands filled up.

Zombies are commonly seen disguised as Alt-Keepers or Nerd Hoarders.

These are just some of the new types of WoW players you might have seen patrolling the landscape.


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