3:32 A M, Xeonio is in the bedroom.

I used to chat all the time with an ingame friend of mine Talloolah a few years ago.  She was always a casual though but had a great spirit and was a hoot to talk to.  She quit logging in but every once in awhile someone asks about her and I’ve never known what she was up to.  I found out today that she’s been battling breast cancer for the last year but things are looking on the up and up.  If you pray or sacrifice things or just send good energy in someones direction, please send a bit to her.

I wish you the best my beautiful kitty druid!

Sidenote: Totally realized I failed at publishing this last night before I went to bed… sleep deprivation is the suck.  If you’ve watched Big Brother from England reread the title in THAT voice.  It makes much more sense.  Found a video, thanks Bets!

If you are reading this then (fingers crossed) I’m in bed.  Earlier today the first steps of the Cataclysm expansion hit the shores of WoW and people everywhere went giddy with anticipation.  A massive revamp of the old world has brought people out in alts and mains alike by the thousands.

Betsy and Den are coming back to the game so I figured I’d level with Betsy, especially now that I can make a dwarf warlock.  We started up a new toon each and thanks to the recruit a friends +300% xp we were almost level 20 in a matter of 4hrs.  Absolutely sick.

I hadn’t realized just how much they were going to redo everything.  It’s amazing all the stuff that has changed, even the starting areas!  The quest flow is absolutely amazing.  As you can see from the pic to the right even the starting quests armors have been changed and graphically updated a bit.

The Dwarlock refers to himself in the 3rd person and has taken great steps to have an evil-stache.  Dwarlock also does not tolerate insolence or disobedience!

Anyway, I’m loving the warlock.  I’ve respec’d once already lol.  I tried demonology and its a bit crazy to have a felguard at lvl 10.  He just eats the shit out of things.  Betsy is going mage though so I’m not sure if being Affi will work so well with the leveling since she just nukes the fuck out of everything.  I might go to destro and try it out.

Not gonna use the heirlooms either since we are leveling together plus it’ll give me a chance to experience the new looks of the gear so will definitely be taking screenshots.

I also took the time to get my race change in.

That’s right.

Mother fucking dwarf shaman.

How sick is (s)he?  Zeonio was originally a smurf female (cuz I hated the bulk of the males).  She got a sex change and a height reduction plus a few weeks in a gym.  Now (s)he’s a stout beer drinking testosterone driven killing machine!

I’ve been working on his enhance gear for leveling and it’s turning out pretty good so I’m excited to level with him… after my priest hits 80.  Will try to get a raid in on him before Cata so I can see how it feels with the new look.  It’s crazy how much more you want to play a toon when you don’t hate the way they look.


2 thoughts on “3:32 A M, Xeonio is in the bedroom.

  1. Addy says:

    I love the dwarf shaman. I’m not sure when I will stop playing him, but will keep going until it gets hard or boring.

    I new flow and even the redrawn maps just seem right. Loch Modan today was so much different than day 3 many years ago.

  2. Norhia says:

    Heirloom bonus XP doesn’t stack with RAF. Put that shit on and savor not having to worry about upgrading your gear.

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