Waiting on Servers?

so… which are you?

1.  Are you sitting at work trying to DL the patch on your laptop?

2.  Are you sitting at your computer wondering why Blizzard isn’t capable of implementing a large patch without taking 2 days?

3.  Taking a nap so you can stay up late?

4.  Maybe you are whittling your fingernails down with the sheer force of your anger?

Who knows what you are doing right now?!

Who cares?!

Not me.


I don’t care (but I’m #1).

…but here’s what I want to know.

What are you going to do as soon as you can login?  Start a new toon?  Fly around (can we do that yet) exploring?  Stuff a small kitten in commemoration of the sundering?

I plan on starting my new dwarven warlock.  Just saying that sounds amazing.





so… what are you gonna do?


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