Big Talent Changes?

I’m strolling around the house this morning, bundled up like an eskimo (cuz I’m too cheap to turn on the heater) with my cup of hateraide and I boot up the comp.  Head on over to World of Raids where they have this article posted.  Let me quote the important part…

Zarhym dropped by and provided a few extra tidbits for us, too.  There are more class balance changes coming that should hopefully tide us over until we can get to 85.  Some of them are so dramatic that druids, paladins, priests, and shaman will have their talent trees reset.

I was like… what what?!  Sweeping talent changes… enough so that we get a free refund?

I’m not sure if they are talking about the changes that have already been made, which don’t seem so drastic we need a talent refund OR if they are talking about something so new and outlandish it will shatter our friggin’ minds!

Here’s where I start hoping and praying they get rid of the smite to heal to regen mana component (cuz I srsly fucking h8 it).

As a side note you might want to check your bind spot this coming Monday night.  When the world shatters its taking the Dalaran portals with it.  No one wants to get stuck in the frigid north trying to get home.  You will also want to stop eating out for a week so you can pay for that race change (or 6) for your alts so you don’t have to level up all over again.  That might not be a bad thing though since it looks like you are going to have some time before the xpac to explore the strange new world!

Anyone else giddy as a school girl on her first date?


9 thoughts on “Big Talent Changes?

  1. Conifer says:

    Dalaran and Shatt portals are gone. Bind yourself to SW or IF on Monday.

    As far as the changes, they are only the ones noted thus far. Atonement is nerfed by 50% but most of the priests’ healing spells are buffed by 20%.

    I’m more familiar with the druid changes that involve revitalize and swift rejuvenation being changed from 3 and 2 point talents to 2 and 1 point talents respectively. They also get a nerf so although we get 2 more points to spend overall, the effectiveness of those 2 talents is lessened. It’s likely this reason that is causing the reset of talent trees for druids.

    Overall there isn’t too much to be excited about in 4.0.3a. I was hoping they would introduce archeology to give me something to do for 2 weeks, but nope. I will likely try out the new starting zones (gnome/troll) and finish leveling my priest to 80.

  2. Xeo says:

    Aye, Shat as well but they are putting trainers in the places of the portals so you don’t have to go back to a main city.

  3. Xeo says:

    Yea my plan is to max out my JPs and maybe my honor (never know what you could get with it at 85) on Xeo, race change my shaman (draeni to dwarf), and MAYBE start leveling a new alt through the new content.

  4. Xeo says:

    I know… I’m replying to myself. MMO Champs says they can be warlocks but the original image that was released didn’t allow for Dwarves to become warlocks. Do you know by chance which one is right?

  5. Xeo says:

    so just as I’m typing that Kray points out to me that on the official Cata site it lists dwarves as locks.


    Now I’m out of character slots and some bitches gonna get deleted.

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