Cata Beta Build: 13277

They are STILL making changes to Cata.  Seems like they are going to be cutting it really close to me.  I’m guessing that packaging is done they just need to slip a disc into the box.  How long does it take to burn 11 million Cata discs?

On to the most recent changes!


Prayer of Healing’s base healing value has been increased by 20%, from (3026-3198) to (3632-3838).

A simple increase to the base healing amount is always nice and appreciated.

Holy Word: Sanctuary’s healing effectiveness now diminishes for each player beyond 6 within the area.

This nerf makes sense.  Especially since the more healers you have in a 25man it just becomes exponentially better.  They also nerf’d the druid version (that big green circle) and later on shamans get an AE heal like it called healing rain, just so they don’t feel left out.  It won’t really effect your 10man’s which I think is what most people will be running.

Tome of Light is now a tier 3 talent, down from tier 4.

Tome of light reduces the cooldown on your Holy Word spell so it’s something you were getting anyway.

Rapid Renewal is now a tier 4 talent.

I’m pretty sure at one point it was removed, maybe in the previous build?  This talent confuses me a bit and seems like a quick throw away.  Yes, having the GCD on Renew at 1 second instead of 1.5 is nice but you will likely hit that with just haste.  You can’t reduce the GCD below 1 second which is why you have soft caps on the amount of haste you usually want.  If all I do is spam flash heal then having it cast faster than 1 second is irrelevant(ish) because I can’t spam it faster than one second (regardless of cast time).

Now, if this could decrease the GCD below the 1 second cap after you cast it then fucking awesome.  Otherwise… useless.


Power Word: Barrier’s duration reduced to 10 sec, down from 25 sec.  No longer absorbs a given amount of damage, now reduces all damage done to friendly targets by 30%.  While within the barrier, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage.

SAD PANDA!  Does PW: Barrier get eaten as soon as it pops currently?  YES.  Is that a bad thing?  No, I don’t think so.  It’s probably less climatic than if lasted awhile but it still gets it’s job done.  It absorbs a sick amount of damage before it pops so I definitely like it.  I’m not sure I like having an AE pain suppression (albeit 40% on a single target instead of 30% AE).  The big kicker is that our mastery no longer effects out 31pt talent.

It could be argued that the holy one doesn’t really support its 31pt talent but meh.  This just pushes us farther into bubble spam or makes mastery largely irrelevant until we outgear the mana regen and we are changing spirit to throughput.

Divine Aegis now also procs from all heals from Prayer of Healing.

I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t proc’ing off PoH.  Maybe they are referring to the hots that can crit from the glyph?

Grace now increases all healing received from the Priest by 4/8%, up from 2/4%.

And last but not least a slight change to Grace.  You can’t really skip the talent so it’s just a simple pure buff if you are disc.  Probably useful if you are just MT healing (which is every disc priest but me?)


6 thoughts on “Cata Beta Build: 13277

  1. Khati (aka: Saelriel) says:

    This nerf makes sense. Especially since the more healers you have in a 25man it just becomes exponentially better. They also nerf’d the druid version (that big green circle)— It won’t really effect your 10man’s which I think is what most people will be running.

    Yea, I agree. I do think most people will be putting together 10’s come Cata as it is. So I don’t know how profoundly healers will be feeling this nerf.

    PW: Barrier Nerf?
    Wow really? I’m a little sad about that.. But I’m guessing there might have been a bit of qq in regards to how it may have been abused in PvP situations(?) 30k+ (depending on mastery% with current patch) damage is a lot to DPS through if it’s just one or two DPS on said person in the barrier.
    Mastery no longer affecting it? Ultra Sad Panda there…. That’s a pretty big nerf imo. Maybe they felt the current effectiveness was a bit too OP. I hope they reconsider this — the base nerf felt like enough.

    I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t proc’ing off PoH. Maybe they are referring to the hots that can crit from the glyph?

    I think maybe they possibly were referring to proc’ing off of a crit heal per target the actual AOE hits. (ie: chance of a crit out of 3/4/5 of the people your AOE effectively heals.)
    Although the HoTs form the glyph *might* trigger it too… No telling though. We’ll definitely have to test that to know for sure. That would be amazing if it did.

    I did feel that given the changes. Holy became rather inferior to Discipline’s mana regen capabilities. Thus still giving Holy a viable reason to gem spirit (imo — Unless like you said, you come to out gear it). I hope at some point this is adjusted to balance a bit more.

  2. I didn’t think about it, but in 10-man the pw:b change might’ve been somewhat of a nerf. In 25man this is a huge buff however. When used properly it will surely absorb way more than the ~ 50k it’s at now so this change is way more useful and awesome than it currently is. In 10man 50k might be more useful, in 25man pw:b was pretty sucky… It didn’t make much difference when you needed it.

  3. Conifer says:

    Setting aside the fact that Disc priests are a SHIELD class, and the 31 point talent should be an AoE SHIELD, the old Barrier gave time for a breath – to stop incoming damage on the raid for a few seconds while you focus a few GCDs on the Main Tank.

    Now it just means you can use Heal instead of Greater Heal on the raid, but it doesn’t free up GCDs which is really why shields are so awesome.

  4. Xeo says:

    I definitely see how it could be a boon for 25man v. 10. I think what I liked most about PW:B though was the breath it allowed you to get a tank or someone caught back up. It’s less reactionary now and more about prediction.

    Ever PvP? Ya know when you start getting attacked to pain suppression yourself because if you try to wait until you are low it just doesn’t work. You’ll get it off but you’ll already be too far behind and just end up dying.

    It probably is a boost to its usefulness in the grand scheme but dammit… I wanted a damage absorbing mega bubble! (that was effected by mastery)

  5. Xeo says:

    The PW:B is kind of weird in how it acts. It seems to put a ‘buff’ on you that only absorbs an actual fraction of what the bubble can do.

    I’ve used it before in dungeons and a boss hit me for 10k and PW:B only absorbed 8k… but was still up. The buff was reapplied and it absorbed another 8k from a 10k hit.

    In reference to PvP though… it does get eaten through pretty quickly. I’m not sure how it handles itself in the smaller arena groups but it didn’t exist when the arena groups did… did it?

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