Day of Change pt.2

Yesterday I started the talk about my eventful Wednesday.  I could have talked about the rest of it but after my hellaciously long vacation post I’m a bit leery to make long posts.

After the computer debacle I was supposed to go into work at the Hellmouth.  I’ve been working there since July 4th and originally I was getting decent hours.  A few months ago I jokingly said, “This is my 2nd job.  What are they going to do, fire me?” Of course it got around, things like that do and rather than saying something to me the store manager cut my hours to one day a week.  Piss me off?  Not really because working 2 jobs is fucking rough.  It sucked that the one day I worked was on one of my days off from my main job but I could deal with it.  I still got a nice store discount and only had to put in a minute amount of effort.

I came back from vacation and the store managers passive aggressiveness has managed to run off quite a few people in that time so my hours got bumped from 8 a week plus random call-ins to 16 a week plus random call-ins.  It had been a couple of months since I was pulling 60+ hour weeks and I forgot how rough that was.

So I called up Betsy and off to the Hellmouth we went.  We shopped around for a bit when the store manager spots me and comes to talk.  She says, “You know you are supposed to come in tonight right?”  Yeaaaaaa I said in a way that made it sound like I forgot.

We finish our shopping and one of the assistant managers is at the front as I’m checking out.  I let her know I’m quitting.  I don’t think she understood that I was quitting right then though so I had to track her down and explain it to her.  I didn’t want to be one of those people that I hate that just doesn’t show back up ever or ignores calls.  I srsly fucking hate it when people do that to me but I understand the compulsion to avoid any sort of confrontation.

I didn’t want to make a scene so I tracked down the assistant manager and turned in my discount card and apologized for leaving HER like this.  She was a great lady and it makes me sad that she has to deal with the brunt of employees quitting.  The store manager has already run off the assistant manager that helped to open the store and one of the main supervisors (plus countless employees) but as long as the store is making money I doubt she’ll have to deal with any corporate backlash.

After that I went home I logged in and left Relentless.

What? What? You say?

Quitting the game for 7 months was great, it let me get my shit back together and straighten my life a bit more.  In the meantime a good friend Greydune took over the reins and led the guild and the raid group in the direction of his vision.  Which is exactly as it should have been.

I’ve debated this with a few people so I’m not going to rehash it here but the main problem I had is that the guild isn’t what it was when I left.  You can’t go back home which is what I was trying to do.

I plan on staying good friends with Relentless and left on good terms but it was time to move on.  I’ve started a new guild called Reprisal and plan on leading a close knit guild into 10 mans for Cata top end raiding.

So yea… that was my eventful Wednesday.

I got to send back a computer I was waiting 2 weeks on.  I quit my second job.  I quit my guild.  I started a new guild.

Eventful one day?  I think so.


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