New Guild Banner

Big thanks Betsy and a Kraylessa for helping me get this put together this morning.  Wanted to share it cuz I’m a bit proud of it.


10 thoughts on “New Guild Banner

  1. KAckler says:

    wow, way to tell me you all left! and you know i like graphics, i could have helped too… i’m starting to think im just a commodity to you xeo haha

  2. Xeo says:

    You weren’t online fucker! Plus it was already assumed you’d be following me so I was just gonna wait til I saw you online.

    We’ll need something for the forums if you want to make something snazzy. I’m gonna use the same guildomatic service that Relentless was through. I can email you a copy of the PSD file if you want it as a base or you can go from scratch. The name of the font is Ruritania.

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